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TESV Ragnvald

The exterior of Ragnvald.

For other uses, see Tombs.
"Woe to the unwary explorer who delves deep into the burial crypts of the ancient Nords, and disturbs the Draugr that dwell within."
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Nordic Tombs are ancient Nordic burial sites spread throughout the province of Skyrim. Some tombs were also places of worship for Dragon Priests and Dragons, such as Bleak Falls Barrow,[1] Forelhost, and Skuldafn.[2] Some of these tombs were actual cities when they were first built, such as Labyrinthian/Bromjunaar, Korvanjund, Volunruud,[3] Saarthal,[4] and Ragnvald.

Tombs without a word wallEdit

Most tombs house Word Walls, where a Word of Power is learned for use with Dragon Shouts, but there are some exceptions:

Inhabitants and enemiesEdit

Unique named enemiesEdit

Puzzles and trapsEdit

  • Tombs mostly have puzzle doors, which are opened by Dragon Claws.
  • Tombs contain many dangerous traps, such as cave-ins or poison dart guns.

List of TombsEdit

Solestheim (Dragonborn)Edit


  • Several of the tombs are referred to as "barrows." In reality, barrows are a type of burial mound most often associated with Neolithic and Early Bronze Age European cultures. In a similar vein, the carvings found in Nordic tombs are based upon the carvings found in the Neolithic passage tomb at Newgrange in Co. Meath, Ireland.




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