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Nornalhorst (Oblivion)

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For other uses, see Nornalhorst.

Nornalhorst is a two-level Ayleid ruin and is located east of Skingrad, just east of the Howling Cave. Scattered around the ruins of Nornalhorst are Alkanet, flax, and Columbine.


The entrance is on the far west side of the location. Vampires have taken residence here along with a few undead creatures.

There is also a gas chamber, a falling blade trap and a sweeping blade trap. Several Ayleid containers are scattered around the ruin with various loot. There are more than thirty Welkynd Stones found in the ruin.


  • Nornalhorst
  • Nornalhorst Sel Gandrevla / Halls of Caverns

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