Northern Gale Plate and Mail is an Armorer stall that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is currently run by Stodrir Frozenfox, and is located in Belkarth's bazaar.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Two helms of Altmeri make
  • One pair of Dunmeri sabatons
  • Three pairs sabatons of Breton make
  • One cuirass with pauldrons of Breton make
  • Two pairs gauntlets of Breton make
  • One pair of gauntlets of Redguard make
  • One pair of boots of Redguard make
  • A pair of gloves of Dunmeri make
  • Three helms of Breton make
  • A whole set of armor (except greaves) of Nordic make in the back of the stall
  • Two crates with random loot
  • One apple basket
  • One barrel with random loot


  • Stodrir Frozenfox