Northshore Landing is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


A New Source of StalhrimEdit

After freeing Baldor Iron-Shaper, he will direct the Dragonborn to the dock. Once there, they will have the choice of either siding with Ancarion and giving him the Stalhrim crafting knowledge or punishing him for his crimes.

Pendant HuntEdit

An East Empire Company Strongbox can be found here.

Notable itemsEdit

  • East Empire Pendant – An East Empire Company Strongbox is located in a nearby hut, on a shelf.
  • A few barrels containing fish and various alchemy ingredients.
  • A pearl oyster and a normal oyster near the dock by the river.
  • An ebony ore vein by the cliff near the waterfall, which replenishes every 10–15 days in game.
  • One Nirnroot right by the waterfall.
  • A chest with levelled loot right underneath the waterfall.
  • Three usable chests with leveled loot.
  • One silver ingot located underneath the destroyed portion of the dock, on top of some sunken crates.
  • One sunken Apprentice locked chest near a sunken boat hull with levelled loot.
  • A map of Skyrim with an iron dagger marking the location of Winterhold.
  • Several pieces of gold on the same table as the map of Skyrim.





  • During the quest "A New Source Of Stalhrim," a Thalmor boat will be docked containing the quest's targets. Old Salty and the resident mudcrabs will have disappeared until the quest is completed.
  • The East Empire Company Strongbox in this area does not respawn its loot like other strongboxes do.
  • Directly Northeast one can make out the location of a Nordic Statue on an island nearby. This is the location of two Sarcopagii containing Stalhrim.


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