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Northshore Landing

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DocksiconNorthshore Landing
Northshore Landing 1
Northshore Landing Map
Type Dock
Quests A New Source of Stalhrim

Notable itemsEdit

  • East Empire Pendant - The East Empire Company Strongbox is located in a nearby hut, on a shelf.
  • A few barrels containing Fish and various alchemy ingredients.
  • A pearl Oyster and a normal oyster near the dock by the river.
  • An Ebony Ore Vein by the cliff near the waterfall, which replenishes every 10 to 15 days in game.
  • One Nirnroot right by the waterfall.
  • A chest with levelled loot right underneath the waterfall.
  • Three usable chests with leveled loot.
  • One Silver Ingot located underneath the destroyed portion of the dock, on top of some sunken crates.
  • One sunken Apprentice Locked chest near a sunken boat hull with levelled loot.
  • A map of Skyrim with an Iron Dagger marking the location of Winterhold.



  • During the quest A New Source Of Stalhrim, a Thalmor boat will be docked containing the Quests targets. Old Salty and the resident mudcrabs will have disappeared until the quest is completed.
  • The east Empire Company Strongbox in this area does NOT respawn its loot like other strongboxes do.
  • Directly Northeast one can make out the location of a Nordic Statue on an island nearby. This is the location of two Sarcopagii containing Stalhrim.



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