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Northwatch Archer

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Northwatch Archer
Thalmor Archer
Basic Info
Level [?]
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Northwatch Archers are Altmer marksmen stationed at Northwatch Keep during the quest Missing in Action.


They generally wield Elven Bows and wear Elven Armor, though their gear is level-dependent, meaning that at low levels (10+) they will wear Elven Light Armor and can use Long Bows and Hunting Bows. Levels 36+ means that they will use Glass Armor and weapons. They guard Northwatch Keep during the quest "Missing in Action." They were archers sent by the Thalmor to protect the fort (or, specifically, Thorald and the other 'traitors').

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  • After level 36, it is possible for them to be wearing Glass Armor, just as every other Thalmor Justiciar.


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