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Northwind Summit

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Northwind Summit
Northwind summit
Northwind summit map
Hold The Rift
Location North-west of Shor's Stone
Type Dragon Lairs
Quests Kill the Dragon
Enemies Dragon (Leveled)
Location ID DragonLair06Exterior01

Northwind Summit is a dragon's lair located northwest of Shor's Stone and southwest of Cragslane Cavern. It can be reached by going through Northwind Mine or by going northwest of Shor's Stone and climbing to the peak of the nearby mountain. It has a Word Wall containing a word for the Aura Whisper shout. Note that there is a dragon waiting on the word wall to attack.


Due to this Dragon being asleep while perched upon the word wall, it's possible to 1-hit kill it with a dagger sneak attack to its exposed tail - provided the Dragonborn has the appropriate gear and perks. 

Another strategy is to simply use the second building (to the right of the word wall) as cover to conjure an Atronach while repeatedly using a bow. The rocks across from the first building can be used as cover with the same tactic.

Another possibility is to fight the dragon using Firebolt or Ice Spike, while dualcasting, because with the perk Impact, it may stagger the dragon. This way, it's easy to defeat any dragon or dragon priest, as long as the spells are timed correctly.

Notable itemsEdit

  • A chest located in front of the wall to the right that contains valuable loot. This chest may also possibly contain Meridia's Beacon.
  • Another chest (Adept-locked) in the second building to the right of the wall.



Northwind Summit Dragon


  • Smelter - to the right (west) of the word wall, between the first and second buildings.

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