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"I see many and many things, that is true. Is there something in particular that I can illuminate for you?"

Noryesar is a Maormer sailor found in the Bazaar District of Abah's Landing, at the west entrance of Hew's Mane. He has been in Abah's Landing for quite some time, often spending his time viewing the heart of the city, and can tell you much about it.


Show: Abah's Landing

"What sights one sees if one simply opens his eyes and looks around. Pull up chair and let us while away the time with a strong and tasty beverage."

You must notice a lot from this vantage point. "I see many and many things, that is true. Is there something in particular that I can illuminate for you?"
Does Abah's Landing really have merchant lords? "Oh yes and truly! A grandiose title, but they do keep our economy going. Of particular note are Orhan at-Addin who runs the Syndicate and Lady Ylanie of House Vien. If you haven't visited her establishment, the Winsome Welwa, you're in for a treat!"
What's up with all these pirates? "As I have heard the words, one pirate found a ridiculously large and ostentatious hat and named herself "commodore." Now the rest of the pirates seek some kind of gift to use to win her favor. Pirates have such foolish notions."
Is Abah's Landing a safe place? "I shall tell you a secret. Once, crime was kept to a minimum by the Thieves Guild of Abah's Landing. But the Thieves Guild is no more, or so I have heard, and now the cutpurses and footpads run wild and free. So, no. Not a safe place. Not at all."
So the Thieves Guild was a good thing? "As good as rain on a hot day! Not only was crime run as a business, never taking more than a victim could afford, but they also practiced a sort of "functional corruption." Kept order by playing the merchants lords off one another. It was masterful!"



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