"I'm sorry but I have nothing to say."

Noryon is an Altmer found at Sarandel's Carnival in Grahtwood. He works as a storyteller, but is hesitant to tell the stories he knows.


Noryon is well versed in Altmer tales and lore, but is afraid that his stories will offend the local Bosmer. He was planing on going around and finding stories he could tell, but is afraid to leave due to the troubles the Carnival is facing.


Carnival ConundrumEdit

In order to help the Carnival, Noryon needs local stories he feels safe telling. He asks the Vestige to go to the Mages Guild in Elden Root and look for books on Bosmeri folktales. Upon going there, Scholar Glaurolin says that Bosmer tend to tell stories verbally and not write them down. He then directs the Vestige to a Spinner, a Bosmer skilled in the art of storytelling.

After completion of this quest, as part of his storytelling, Noryon will tell stories of the Red Pact, an ancient pact with Molag Bal that predates the Green Pact with Y'ffre.[1]