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For other uses, see Note.

Listed below are all the possible Parchments that can acquired throughout the Hero of Daggerfall's travels in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Known locationsEdit



In the letter below, you will find variables instead of the names and places shown in game. For a more comfortable reading, they have been replaced with {...}.


{...} is your target, a {...} adventurer and mercenary. Use extreme caution and be prepared for a fight. No jellyfish this one. -- {...}

Change of agenda, folks. I need you in {...} right away. Get over there and wait for my response. Shouldn't take longer than a few days. -- {...}

I'm going to need some reinforcements if the rumors about this {...} are correct. Keep the deed in hiding in {...} but bring the gold and your men over here to {...}. We'll discuss this further when you arrive. -- {...}

Kill {...} before too much is learned. Use any means. -- W.

Among the more fiendish practices of the {...} is the rite they perform in honor {...}. The flesh of a newborn infant is boiled over the flames of burning brimstone for three and a half days until it is hard and leathery. The resultant fiber is sewn over the head of a black cat, who is kept in a cage until it has chewed through the caul or has died of suffocation. If the cat dies, the witches know that {...} will not answer their entreaties, but if the cat lives, {...} may ask {...} for anything -- the death or mutilation of princes, economic catastrophe, famine, plague, war ...


  • The above notes are described as "parchments" in game and are untitled


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