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Describes information pertaining to the crafting of Lunar Weapons with the Lunar Forge. The book incorrectly states that the Lunar weapons gain a "vampire-like ability" at night (absorb health) when the actual enchantment deals fire damage.

Known locationEdit


The Lunar Forge

The Forge

I've managed to get the forge itself up and running, but again, I find nothing special about its workings. These weapons were clearly forged here, yet the secret of their enchantment remains elusive. All I've been able to discern so far is some connection between the weapon's power and the appearance of the moons.

The Lunar Weapons

The weapons themselves are crafted of what seems to be normal metal, but while the moons are high above they gain an additional ability. It seems that once the sun has gone down, the Lunar weapons take on a vampire-like ability, transferring a small amount of health from the victim to the user.


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