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Notes on Shornhelm's Cisterns

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  • Location: on a table near Abante in the hidden basement of Shornhelm's abandoned house
  • Author: Unknown
  • Quest: Children of Yokuda
  • Collection: [?]


Shornhelm's substructure includes many interconnected cisterns, a honeycomb of pocketed caches which is connected to every potable well within the city.

Many of them leak into each other as a consequence of age and shoddy craftsmanship, but only one distributes water on a grander scale! This cistern is referred to as the master source, as it allows flow from an underground river directly into every smaller cistern in the city.

- To open the distribution channels you must first open both sluice gates, then turn the winch to start the external water flow.

- To clear the cistern before distribution of any residual water, close both sluice gates and then turn the winch. This will flush all water from the system in a matter of days!


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