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Novice Fire Mages are enemies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Their primary spell, flames, makes them unable to maintain distance in combat. When their magicka is depleted, or when the Dragonborn gets too close to them, they will switch to a lesser ward spell, which increases their defense, and a dagger or mace for offense. They wear mage robes that increase magicka regeneration, and no armor. Weapons with shock enchantments, or shock spells, can drain them of their magicka quickly, taking away their main offensive capabilities and opening them up for attack.  

Compared to other novice magesEdit

Frost mages are a bane to any player, hindering mobility and draining stamina, and are more formidable in groups than alone. Their frost magic slows the Dragonborn's movement speed, making them potentially the most dangerous of the novice mages.

Novice storm mages' spells drain magicka, which can be problematic if the Dragonborn is a mage (especially at lower levels). These spells are as potent as fire or frost spells in terms of damage, so as with any mage, closing on them quickly and killing them before their magic can deplete magicka and health is the best strategy.


The Novice Fire Mage drops the following:



  • The weakest of the Fire Mages are a more of a nuisance than a threat. Like skeevers, they pose much more danger when in groups than when they are encountered alone.


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