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Novice Ice Mages are enemies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


These foes can be found in Fellglow Keep, in which they are a part of Orthorn's rebel mages.


Out of the other enemies stationed at Fellglow Keep, these mages are the weakest. They can be killed in a few seconds, with any weapon type. However, they are not to be underestimated. When you first enter the ruined fort, the Novice Ice Mage's allies will bombard you with destruction spells, which will distract you. While you are in a state of confusion, the Novice Ice Mage will attack you. They usually freeze the Dragonborn from a medium range, and when he or she can't move, they will run up to your character, and start slashing at you, with an Iron Dagger. These attacks don't do much damage, but under the combined firepower of the Novice Ice Mages, and their allies, you will perish quickly. Fortunately, their freezing spell will wear off quickly, and they can be disposed of in a flash.


The Novice Ice Mage will drop the following:

Related questsEdit


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