A Novice Necromancer is a low-leveled, hostile necromancer encountered in various dungeons. They are mostly encountered wearing Necromancer's robes, with or without a hood.

Combat behaviorEdit

They typically attack with the Frostbite spell and can use Raise Zombie to reanimate nearby corpses, including those of chickens, to fight for them. When their magicka is depleted, they engage targets in melee combat with an iron or steel dagger.




Conjurer: "These thralls of yours are slower than Argonians in a blizzard."
Novice Necromancer: "Feel free to grab a pick and help them out. I prefer not to sully myself with manual labor."
Conjurer: "There goes another one."
Novice Necromancer: "Bah. Weak-willed rabble. Even dead they're almost useless."
Conjurer: "They seem less intelligent each time you raise them, if that's even possible."
Novice Necromancer: "As long as they can swing a pickaxe where I tell them, they're as smart as we need them to be."
Conjurer: "You hear that? The others must have found something!"
Novice Necromancer: "We'd better go see. These can tend to themselves for a few minutes."