Novice Robes is a type of enchanted clothing worn by novice mages. The robes allow the wearer's Magicka to regenerate 50% faster.


  • When escaping Helgen, a dead body in a cage in the torture room of Helgen Keep can be found wearing Novice Robes and the matching hood, with a Sparks tome lying next to him. Opening the door to get at the items will likely be your introduction to the Lockpicking skill, for which Hadvar or Ralof will provide the needed picks.
  • New mages of the College of Winterhold are seen wearing novice robes.
  • Novice mages in many dungeons throughout Skyrim wear variations of novice robes according to their relevant school of magic.
  • Mirabelle Ervine at the College of Winterhold will give this item to the Dragonborn, along with a Novice Hood and a pair of boots, once they join.
  • Can be found as random loot all over Skyrim (especially at low levels).


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