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Well, I tried to help. Here's Nu-Hatta of the Sphinxmoth Inquiry Tree and his somewhat edited response:

"Hnnnh. Critical subplex inquest: divine roster, supermundus physiotype."
Tiber Septim: "The Stormcrown manted by way of the fourth: the steps of the dead. Mantling and incarnation are separate roads; do not mistake this. The latter is built from the cobbles of drawn-bone destiny. The former: walk like them until they must walk like you. This is the death children bring as the Sons of Hora."
Arkay: "Lies from a previous age."
King of Worms: "The Jills of Aka-tosh have mended this numidition. Mannimarco remains as he was: the high priest of maggots."
Almalexia: "Hnnnh. Kyne and Mara and Dibella and sixteen Daedric elements: all contributed to the snake-faced queen when she touched the drum. Their sum? A Beauty Cala as none have seen. Cala! Wetness of Kingdom!"
Sotha Sil: "...incalculable."
Vivec: "Arenotelicon."
Dagoth Ur: "Sharmat. Dream-sleeved inversion, where the Biters live, he brought them here, pawn of the Aggregate."
Nerevarine: "Pantheon by incarnation, as all alive now know."


Below are the proposed categories by which to measure these divinities. I think most of them lead falsely to a silly DnD number-crunching mechanism of Who’s Cooler, so I’ll ignore them for now. After all, gods are beyond our ken, even though it is us who are their true parents.
  • Origin as a mortal
  • Divine Acquisition
  • Divine Level (standing against the Aedra & daedra & other god-heroes)
  • Lifespan


"A 'jill' is an archaic term for a female dragon. The minute-menders would take on a suitably draconic form."


TIL iconThis out-of-game text was authored by Michael Kirkbride and originally submitted to The Imperial Library. The original location of this text can be found at:

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