"Lucien isn't here very often. His duties with the Black Hand keep him very busy, so he trusts me to keep the Sanctuary in order."

TES4 Ocheeva

Ocheeva is an Argonian, and one of the leaders of the Dark Brotherhood. She and her twin brother, Teinaava, are both Shadowscales, Argonians with The Shadow birthsign that are sent to the Dark Brotherhood to become assassins. While the real head of the sanctuary is Lucien Lachance, he trusts Ocheeva to run things while he is away.

Life before the brotherhoodEdit

Ocheeva was born during the reign of Emperor Uriel Septim VII in the Imperial Province of Black Marsh, also known as Argonia. She and her twin brother, Teinaava, were born with the Shadow as a birthsign and subsequently were enrolled in the ranks of the Shadowscale.

She and her brother adapted quickly to the ways of the assassin. They served the Royal Court of Argonia with honor and dignity and always completed their missions as assassins of the Royal Court of Argonia. During their time in Argonia, they befriended a fellow Shadowscale, Scar-Tail. Once the siblings came of age, they were transferred to the Dark Brotherhood.

Life in the Dark BrotherhoodEdit

In the Dark Brotherhood, she advanced quickly within the ranks until she reached the prestigious rank of Executioner. From then on she was the unofficial head of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and its members. She works with the more experienced recruits and give them the more challenging contracts.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ocheeva was relatively young when she was murdered during the Purification. She has orange eyes like most Argonians and green Skin with purple streak Skin. She was warm and cordial to her fellow family members and was fully devoted to the Dark Brotherhood and Lucien Lachance.


Ocheeva was killed by the Hero alongside the rest of the members of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary during "The Purification." It was believed that one of its members had become a risk but it was unclear who. However, the traitor was not killed and somehow was overlooked as one of the possible risks.