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"Jarls come and Jarls go, but a good cook stays for a lifetime. And I'm a very, very good cook."


Odar is a Nord cook who works and lives in the Blue Palace in Solitude.


  • "Everyone knows General Tullius wields the real power in Solitude. Elisif? Ah, she's a figurehead. A puppet."
  • "Falk's court won't admit it, but Sybille Stentor scares us all to death."
  • "Most of the time, people just forget I'm even here. That's why I hear so much good gossip."
  • "Somethin' just ain't right about that Sybille. You know I've never seen her eat a thing? That can't be natural."
  • "All right. Back to slicing, dicing and baking." ―When exiting conversation.
  • "Back to my errands." ―When exiting conversation.


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