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Oddfrid White-Lip

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Oddfrid White-Lip
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
0 GoldIcon
Type: Quest Item
FormID: misc_skull_oddfrid
"When the dragon dies, the Empire dies. Where is the lost dragon's blood, the Empire's sire? And from the womb of the void, who shall stem the blood tide?"
―Oddfrid White-Lip, through Geilir the Mumbling[src]

Oddfrid White-Lip is a quest item in the The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


Oddfrid White-Lip is a skull, it is Geilir the Mumbling's only friend. According to Geilir, the skull is that of a powerful seer, and speaks through him and foretells of future events.


The Sad SeerEdit

The Nerevarine encounters a lonely sad seer, that has lost his only friend, kidnapped by a draugr. The Hero will help Geilir the Mumbling recover this "friend."




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