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To the Occumants of Watcher's Hold,

Scholars reviewing Daggerfall's royal archives indicate a group of knights were long ago stationed at your location. They were mandated with preventing the Orcs from ever rebuilding Orsinium.

I, your new king, must inform you the situation has changed. The Orcs are our staunch allies whom I have allowed to rebuild Orsinium.

Your long vigil is over. It's time to come home. Cease your banditry and murder of Orc travelers.

I send my royal messenger with this offer of total amnesty and a chest of gold provided in good faith. Report immediately to Sergeant Oufa in Orsinium or I will send the Lion Guard to exterminate you all.

- Yours truly,
High-King Emeric


  • Reading the Offer of Amnesty will start the quest "Broken Promises."
  • Unlike most readable materials, Offer of Amnesty is displayed as dialogue text in-game.