Lorin is an Altmer officer of the Thalmor on the island Khenarthi's Roost in Elsweyr. She is charged with keeping peace in Khenarthi's Roost, and can be found investigating the fire at the Speckled Shell Plantation.


The Family BusinessEdit

Lorin instructs the Vestige to speak to Azbi-ra, since the Vestige is not a Dominion soldier. The Vestige tells her about the tools, and she will question why they are there, but lets the Vestige carry on. She will try to arrest the Vestige when they return from the beach, and the Vestige has the option of lying, handing over the Sack of Skooma Vials, or talking to the family. If given the Sack of Skooma Vials she will arrest Azbi-ra and Zaban-ma for the skooma and the arson. If lied to she will leave them all in peace.