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Large and powerful beasts with cannibalistic tendencies, Ogres are a daunting opponent in singular combat and a major threat in large numbers. It is best to fight them one at a time to avoid being quickly overwhelmed. Despite their strength, they are sluggish and are quite easy to outrun and out-maneuver. With a Speed of approximately 60 or higher (can be buffed with a potion) can easily avoid their powerful fists just by moving backwards in combat. Their attacks may also be dodged with an Acrobatics level of 50. What little—if any—culture they possess seems to be primitive. They can often be observed taunting their opponents, inviting them to engage in combat with a waving hand motion.

Despite the fact that the ogres in Cyrodiil reside in the northern mountains near the border to Skyrim, they are not present In Skyrim.

During the Malacath quest, the Hero will encounter the six ogres at Bleak Mine who are being used as slaves.

Pale Pass OgresEdit

Pale Pass Ogres are ogres that possess a blueish color from the cold. They are found in Serpent's Trail and Pale Pass. Although unintelligent, they are powerful: they have decapitated an Akaviri soldier and broken the spine of another by using a boulder.

Common dropsEdit


  • Increased Melee Damage


Damage typesEdit

  • Physical (Close Quarters)

Soul levelEdit



  • Pale Pass Ogre
  • Redguard Valley Ogre
  • Savage Ogre


  • Ogre - Soul: Leveled
  • Pale Pass Ogre Caveboss – Soul: Common (800)
  • Pale Pass Ogre Groundling – Soul: Common (800)
  • Pale Pass Ogre Stonewrecker – Soul: Common (800)
  • Pale Pass Ogre Rocksmasher – Soul: Common (800)
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Caveboss – Soul: Common (800)
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Chieftan – Soul: Leveled
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Groundling – Soul: Common (800)
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Stonewrecker – Soul: Common (800)
  • Redguard Valley Ogre Rocksmasher – Soul: Common (800)
  • Savage Ogre – Soul: Leveled


Ogre Oblivion
Length: 0.8 sec
Description: Ogre Aware Sound


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