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I've been posted to Aldcroft. It's nice to have a proper camp, near a proper town. Berouche still makes us drill every damned day, but what can you do?

I've been speaking to the mages that are sharing our camp. They can be extremely interesting. They know a lot about the history of the area and all kinds of other things.

Fahurr says there's an old mine around here. Khuras, the place is called. It's somewhere west of the swampy fens. He says the place is overrun with creatures or cultists or something—he isn't quite sure. Fahurr's information tends to be incomplete at best. Wish I could check it out. It would be nice to discover something, see a little action, maybe earn a commendation instead of just patrolling Aldcroft again.

Ah well, I can dream about adventure, even if I can't go chasing after cultists and treasure whenever the urge strikes me.


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