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"Olav's Tap and Tack is a good, inexpensive place for travelers."
Bruma Guard[src]

Olav's Tap and Tack is an inn in Bruma, near the Bruma East Gate. It has many patrons from the local area and some travelers.

The fence Ongar the World-Weary can sometimes be found here. Raynil Dralas, a vampire-hunter, stays here. Salomon Geonette and Bumph gra-Gash are regular customers.

Olav sells low to medium-quality drinks and a limited selection of foodstuffs. It costs 10 GoldIcon to rent a bed for the night.


A Brotherhood BetrayedEdit

A "vampire hunter" named Raynil Dralas moves to Bruma and kills a townsman accused of being a vampire.



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