Olava's Token is a quest item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and given to the Dragonborn by Gabriella after completing the Dark Brotherhood quest "Breaching Security."

The Dragonborn must fully complete the quest by killing Gaius Maro in a city, in order to receive the token. This token allows him or her to receive a free reading from the Fortune Teller, Olava the Feeble.


  • The Dragonborn is only given the Token if they have completed the unmarked optional objective during Breaching Security by killing Gaius Maro in a major city.
  • If the Dragonborn uses the token to have their reading, they will be given the miscellaneous quest "Locate the Assassin of Old."
  • If the token is not obtained from Breaching Security, then the Dragonborn will not be rewarded with the Ancient Shrouded Armor.
    • Visiting the correct room without the token results in the handle to the hidden door being absent. It is still possible to get the armor by noclipping through the door.
  • It is possible to sell the token, as it is not recognized as a quest item.
  • If after the Dragonborn receives their reading from Olava they store the Token in nearby barrel, you can then retrieve it after the quest activates. They can then sell it or place in the home as decoration.
  • Update for X360 on 2/9/2012: One no longer requires the token to get the free reading from Olava.
  • The token bears a similar appearance to a Sapphire.