Not to be confused with Olava the Fair.
"Maybe some other time I'll reveal your destiny, hmm? Tea leaves, palm reading, crystal scrying... Oooh! Maybe trepanning? Ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Olava the Feeble[src]

Olava the Feeble

Olava the Feeble is an Elder Nord fortune teller who lives in Whiterun. During the day, she is usually seen outside her house sitting on the bench. Her house is located behind Breezehome.


Olava has ties with the Dark Brotherhood and is the key to finding an upgraded version of shrouded armor called the ancient shrouded armor. After reading the Dragonborn's fortune, she may exclaim, "By Sithis, but you are a persistent one. Haven't I told you enough?"

She also predicts the attack on the Dark Brotherhood by the Penitus Oculatus, and about the Dawnstar Sanctuary. However, the Dark Brotherhood members cannot be warned about the attack.


Locate the Assassin of OldEdit

Olava will tell the Dragonborn their fortune if they have Olava's Token.


  • "Come to Olava for a reading, did you? Sorry, pup, but I'm not quite in the mood."
  • "Oh, I tell the future all right, when I feel up to the task, that is. But I'm afraid my energies haven't quite peaked yet today."
  • "Maybe some other time I'll reveal your destiny, hmm? Tea leaves, palm reading, crystal scrying... Oooh! Maybe trepanning? Ha ha ha ha ha!"


  • Because of the miscellaneous objective "Locate the Assassin of Old," she is flagged as essential and cannot be killed until that quest has been completed.
  • Occasionally, when attempting to speak to her after she gives the reading, she will exclaim, "By Sithis!", indicating that she not only knew Gabriella but had ties to the Dark Brotherhood sometime in her life.
  • When getting a reading, she will cryptically mention both Nazir ("a stalker of the sands") and Babette ("a child of the night"), and that they are the only "family" the Dragonborn needs. However, Cicero is not mentioned, even if spared.


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  • If the lock is picked to get into Olava the Feeble's house and she catches the villain inside, she won't talk to them again, making it impossible to start the quest Locate the Assassin of Old. However, she can be carefully attacked inside her house and then led outside. Ending the fight and calming her will eventually get her to talk.
  • Waiting outside of her house between the hours of 6:00–9:00 PM can make her appear outside of her house for a short time, allowing the Dragonborn to speak with her and receive the reading.


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