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Old Adventurers is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Janne Marolles is leaving. The Ironhand Ogres raided the Dro-Dara Plantation and broke the levies, and a group of bandits came in afterwards. She does not feel right just walking away when her adventuring companions were taken captive.


The owners of the Dro-Dara Plantation have lost everything. First ogres attacked, and now bandits. The plantation was owned by a group of retired adventurers. The thief, Janne, asked me to rescue the others.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Free the adventurers:

  1. Dro-Dara, the mage.
  2. Knarstygg, the fighter.
  3. Murk-Watcher, the cleric.



  • Hardy Quilted Aketon
  • 75 GoldIcon

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