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Old Mournhold: Bazaar Sewers

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Bazaar Sewers is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. It is found in Old Mournhold beneath Mournhold'sGreat Bazaar district. It has exits leading to Old Mournhold: Manor District and Old Mournhold: Palace Sewers.



  • Ancestor Ghost - Several of these scattered throughout the area.
  • Rat - The type of rats may be dependent on character level.
  • Skeleton - One is with two Ancestor Ghosts just below where the best loot is found.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Cruel Shardarrow - Lodged in the chest of a skeleton in the southeastern passage.
  • Adamantium Mace - Found on a ledge in an area on the eastern side of the northern portion of the map, guarded by multiple enemies.
  • Adamantium Boots - Found beside the mace.
  • Two Potion of Water Breathing - One found on the skeleton with the Cruel Shardarrow, the other on the ledge with the adamantium mace and boots.




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