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Temple Sewers West is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. It is found in Old Mournhold beneath Mournhold Temple and serves as a home for most of the Black Dart Gang. Their hideout is in the lowest section on the western end of the sewers near a watery passage.



The members of the Black Dart Gang, Adren, Gilur, Malar and Urvyn, are hostile towards the Nerevarine.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Adamantium Boots - Found in a crate marked as Malar's Stuff on a ledge in the gang's hideout.
  • Adamantium Cuirass - On a ledge above Malar's Stuff.
  • Diamonds, rubies, and an emerald - In the crate marked as Malar's Stuff.
  • Greater Soul Gem - In the crate marked as Malar's Stuff.
  • Numerous dart, both mundane and enchanted, are found on the bodies of the gang members.
  • Three Servant's Skulls and other minor loot in a crate marked 'Andren's - Keep Out!' with a WARNING!!! staked to the top with a steel dagger. On the bed nearby and again on the shelf above there are stacks of 25 GoldIcon.


  • The Black Dart Gang - The Nerevarine is sent to avenge the death of Narisa Adus at the hands of the Black Dart Gang. His ghost reveals the location of the hideout and a secret lever which can flood it, making short work of the gang.


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