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Old Salty

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Old Salty

Old Salty
Level 3
Health-icon 55
MagickaIcon 4
Stamina 35
Loot Mudcrab Chitin
Mudcrab LegsHF
35 GoldIcon
Soul Size Petty
Ref ID xx01D77B
Base ID xx01D77A

Old Salty is a unique mudcrab in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn that can be found at Northshore Landing and respawns upon death.



  • It is one of two named mudcrabs in the game, the other being Pincer, a pet in Hearthfire. However, unlike Pincer, Old Salty is hostile, like common mudcrabs.
  • It is quite possible that Old Salty is a reference to the Merchant Mudcrab from TES:3 Morrowind due to the fact he/she has a tankard, and gold, and in TES:3 Morrowind the Merchant Mudcrab sold alcoholic beverages, the name itself might give it away too being that if this was the Merchant Mudcrab he/she would have been over 200+ years old hense "Old", and Old salty is Hostile hense the "Salty".


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