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Reader (Achievement) Old Tome
  • Cover
  • Contents
Title: Old Tome
Full Title: Old Tome
Author: Anonymous
Weight 1
Value 5
FormID 0008F741
Main article: Books (Skyrim)

Known locationsEdit


A mighty lord deserves a mighty offering

But he who fell on this spot asked to be remembered humbly

We who served at his hand, however, do not want his brilliance to be forgotten

Thus, to honor him, one needs only to look to the simple, glowing fungus on these cave walls

For no matter how mighty or humble one may be in life

We all return to the same ground from which this mushroom blooms


  • It is a possibility that this Old Tome was written by the long-dead race, the Snow Elves, before they became the Falmer over long centuries underground, twisted by their own hatred and anger. This is suggested by the fact the tome itself is very old, the worshiping of the Glowing Mushroom in Lost Echo Cave (where the book is found), and that the Falmer currently inhabit the cave.


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