"Battle-Born is a name out of legend, sung in the songs of old and heard in deeds of valor for a hundred generations."
―Olfrid Battle-Born[src]

Olfrid Battle-Born

Olfrid Battle-Born is a Nord magnate and the leader of the Battle-Born clan in Whiterun.



He is married to Bergritte Battle-Born and they together have three children: Jon, Idolaf and Alfhild Battle-Born. Alfhild has a child named Lars Battle-Born, who is Olfrid's grandson. His family owns Battle-Born Farm, located directly east of Whiterun.


Just like most members of the Battle-Born family he heartily dislikes the Gray-Mane clan, but doesn't dispute that they are one of the most respected clans in all of Skyrim.

He claims that the Battle-Born are rich due to their largely successful farm, and that the Gray-Manes are jealous of his clan's success, resulting in the feud.


Imitation AmnestyEdit

Olfrid asks the Dragonborn to save his dear friend Arn, alongside whom he fought in the Great War, by forging a new identity for Arn in the prison records.




"Olfrid, patron of the great Clan Battle-Born, a name I'm sure you know well."

Tell me about Clan Battle-Born. "Battle-Born is a name out of legend, sung in the songs of old and heard in deeds of valor for a hundred generations. "For Clan Battle-Born!" they cry in the mead halls. "First into the fray and last to quit their ale!" We've got honor. Wealth and titles, too. Aye, and buxom women to warm your bed on a cold Skyrim night. Now if that don't answer your question, then no words will."
What about Clan Gray-Mane? "Uncivilised, pelt-wearing axe-draggers. It's a wonder they don't still live in a cave like those ancestors they keep boasting about. It's true that Vignar Gray-Mane and his lot are one of Whiterun's oldest and, depending on who you ask, most respected clans. I don't dispute that. But it's one thing to take pride in your lineage, and another to cling blindly to the past. What they call honor and tradition, I call ignorance."
Why the fued with Clan Gray-Mane? "Money, you laggard! What else? It always comes down to coin. The Gray-Manes have deep roots in Whiterun, but so do we. Difference is, we're rich, and Vignar hates it. Oh, and they hate it, too. All their big talk of pride and honor, and what have they got to show for it? Beggar's rags and stale bread. We've got the same pride, the same honor, and we've got wealth. No wonder they envy us."

"You watch yourself out there."

Stormcloak VictoryEdit

Have the Stormcloaks treated you roughly? "Of course they have! I've made no secret of my loyalty to the Empire. I'm no coward. Twice I've been robbed, and good luck getting any kind of justice from Vignar now that he's the Jarl. He probably told the Stormcloaks to do it. Lately, they've been threatening to send my whole family into exile if we're caught collaborating with the Empire. They think we're spies! Needless to say, these rebels and I have no love for each other."


  • "Olfrid, patron of the great Clan Battle-Born, a name I'm sure you know well."
  • "I'm as much a Nord as the next man, but I'm no fool. I don't live in the past like those Gray-Manes."
  • "I hope the Empire is sending reinforcements to drive these heathens out of Whiterun." —Stormcloaks control Whiterun
  • "Clan Battle-Born's got a proud lineage in Whiterun, but unlike the Gray-Manes, we've also got wealth."
  • "Eorlund Gray-Mane's a stubborn fool. Our friendship ended when he turned his back on the Emperor."


Wrong sideEdit

Olfrid "Foolish old woman! You know nothing! Nothing of our struggles, our suffering!"
Fralia "Nothing? And what of my son, hmm? What of Thorald? Is he nothing? So don't talk to me about suffering!"
Idolaf "Your son chose his side, and he chose poorly. And now he's gone. Such is the way of war. The sooner you accept his loss, the better."
Fralia "I will never accept his death! My son still lives. I feel it in my heart. So tell me, Battle-Borns, where is he? Where are you holding my Thorald?"
Olfrid "[to son] Do you believe this old hag? [to Fralia] "Holding him"? Why, I've got him in my cellar. He's my prisoner. Face it, cow! Your stupid son is dead! He died a Stormcloak traitor. And best keep your mouth shut before you suffer the same."
Idolaf "Come on, father. There's nothing more to be said here."