"Cowards! Boot-licking, snake-loving, rock-headed cowards..."

Olugush is an Orsimer soldier of the Daggerfall Covenant found in Dragonstar, Stormhaven.


"Cowards! Boot-licking, snake-loving, rock-headed cowards..."

You seem kind of intense. "What of it? Aren't you sick of hiding behind these walls, caught like skeevers in a trap? Iron Orcs only respond to strength. We should go out there and hunt them down instead of wasting our time in this gutless town."
So why are you still here? "I'm a guard in the Dragonstar Caravan Company. We don't run! How could you even suggest such a thing? I'd never give those ugly savages the satisfaction. Besides, the Company pays well and I like the way gold feels in my travel pack."
I thought the Caravan Company had a bad reputation. "We have had a few bad gorapples, same as any big organization. And we have to be tough to provide the level of protection our contracts demand. But some of those rumors are just plain mean. We don't break legs unless we absolutely have to."