"Ongar the World-Weary, they call me. I've been everywhere, and done everything. Now I'm settled down for a good long rest."
―Ongar the World-Weary[src]

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Ongar the World-Weary is a Nord residing in Bruma.

He is one of the Thieves Guild's fences and will be the first fence if the Hero joins the guild. While he is one of the easiest to find when needing to sell, he only has 600GoldIcon. He will only fence goods with members of the guild.


Ongar lives a simple life of sleeping and drinking, he can be found most often at Olav's Tap and Tack. When he isn't at the bar, he is at home sleeping.

His home is plain, there is little of value inside except a few books. Picking up anything is counted as theft.

If the Hero is a member of the Thieves Guild during the quest "Spies," and is friends with Ongar, he will point them towards Jearl's House saying there have been times he has seen and heard things inside when Jearl wasn't home, and he thinks they are living there.


Thieves GuildEdit

Independent ThieveryEdit

Steal as much as possible and sell it to a local fence.

Main QuestEdit


Find the Spies in Bruma and remove them.


Bruma: "Bruma is a perfect town for a Nord man of leisure. Bracing mountain air, good food and drink, and lively Nord fellowship."