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"The road ran parallel to a fast-moving stream, running eastward from Topal Bay. It was called the Onkobra River."
Waughin Jarth[src]

The Onkobra River was a river in the Imperial province of Black Marsh, or Argonia as it was known to the native Argonians.[1] It flowed from Topal Bay inland into the swampy heart of Black Marsh[1], and was said to possess a strong current.[2] It was located near the Argonian city of Gideon.[1]

During the Third Era, an Imperial road ran parallel to the river.[1] The Onkobra was also bordered by the estates and plantations of the Archeins[1], native Argonians who governed the rural areas of Black Marsh[3], as well as farms[1], orchards[1], and vineyards[1].



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