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Onmund's Request

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Onmund's Request
Quest Giver Onmund
Location College of Winterhold
Prerequisite Under Saarthal
Reward Onmund becomes a follower
Faction College of Winterhold
Type Side Quest
Quest ID MGRAppOnmund01
Onmund's Request is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  

Onmund needs help retrieving an amulet that he received from his distant family.


To begin this quest, the Dragonborn must speak to Onmund after completing Under Saarthal. He can be found in the Hall of Attainment. He will mention that he wants to retrieve an amulet, which was given to him by his family.

Onmund traded this amulet to one of the College's shadiest vendors, Enthir. He regrets this decision, and wants the amulet back as a reminder of his family, despite them not being very close.

Speak with Enthir, and he will decline to return the amulet; stating that all trades are final. However, with a high enough skill level in Speech, Enthir can be persuaded to return the amulet, thus updating the quest.

If the Dragonborn is unable to persuade him, after some argument he will agree to give the amulet back if the Dragonborn can retrieve the Grand Staff of Charming. This staff can be found inside a radiant location, which will be marked on the map.

After retrieving the staff for Enthir and returning the amulet to Onmund, the Dragonborn will be rewarded with Onmund's friendship. Completion of this quest also marks Onmund as a marriage candidate, as well as a follower.


Journal Entry

Onmund has asked me to help him get an amulet with sentimental value back from Enthir.

  • Objective is assigned: Speak with Enthir

Enthir insists that Onmund sold him the amulet in question, and he will not go back on a trade. If, however, I can recover a particular staff for Enthir, he'll give me the amulet. I'll need to search <RadiantLocation> for the staff.

  • Objective: Find the staff for Enthir

I have found the staff that Enthir wanted, and need to deliver it to him so that he'll exchange it for Onmund's amulet.

  • Objective: Deliver the staff to Enthir

Enthir agreed to return Onmund's amulet to him, and has given it to me. I need to make sure it gets back to Onmund.

  • Objective: Deliver the amulet to Onmund

Onmund is grateful that I was able to deal with Enthir and return his amulet.

  • Quest complete


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