Orbinor is a Bosmer in The Elder Scrolls Online. He may become the personal woodworker hireling for the Vestige should they choose to allocate points into the Lumberjack Hireling skill for woodworking, once they reach the appropriate level. He will send a letter with select materials to the Vestige on a daily basis, although the items he sends may be improved with additional points into the Lumberjack Hireling skill.

Hireling LettersEdit

Orbinor may send the Vestige multiple letters to their inbox, detailing his adventures as he gathers resources for the Vestige. The following are a collection of the letters that he will send:

  1. [As Orbinor the Faithful] It is my extreme pleasure to offer you these fine woodworking materials. Most would balk at hiring a Wood Elf for such a task, but have no fear! This hireling is faithful to your needs. Devotedly yours, Orbinor the Faithful!
  2. [As Orbinor the Faithful] I've already met so many fascinating people on my journey. My village is somewhat secluded from the rest of Grahtwood, but I'm glad I decided to undertake this journey as your hireling. I hope you find my current shipment to your satisfaction.
  3. [As Orbinor the Forgetfulconfirmation needed] With all of my excitement of being hired, I forgot a very important detail! Many would be curious how the Green Pact may influence my current actions. Have no fear! All of my shipments are secured through traveling merchants I've come to meet. Yes, my personal profit may be cut, but I assure you that your gold is being well spent.
  4. [As Orbinor the Forgetful] Another clarification I'd like to make is that I am NOT traveling within Grahtwood for these materials! I've been traveling and trading along Elsweyr. I'd never desecrate the Valenwood for my own profit. Please, take this shipment and my apologies if I alarmed you with that thought.
  5. [As Orbinor the Faithful] For the past few nights I've been traveling with a group of Redguards. They've been very welcoming, and gladly accepted an extra helping hand. How kind! I always thought the Redguards would be more cold to strangers. Their woodworker does amazing work, though I'm sure not as amazing as what you'll craft from this shipment.
  6. [As Orbinor the Faithful] Today I watched the Redguard's woodworker as she crafted several bows. Her name is Jossai, an elder with much wisdom to share. She seemed surprised by my questions, and told me she had never met a Wood Elf interested in woodworking before. She even offered to show me some techniques. I politely declined, of course, but how nice of her to ask!
  7. [As Orbinor the Faithful] Elsweyr may be different from home, but the trees feel the same. Sometimes I'll watch as my companions begin to cut a tree down, and I'm amazed at how calm they appear. I try not to think about it much. I'd rather imagine the wonderful things you'll create with this shipment!
  8. [As Orbinor the Faithful] I wonder what you'll make from my latest shipment? Perhaps a lovely fire staff, or a strong, solid shield! Why, the possibilities are endless. I hope whatever you make helps you throughout your adventures.
  9. [As Orbinor the Faithful] Last night I showed Jossai my composite horn bow, given to me by my family before I left. She's the woodworker I mentioned to you earlier. I worried she would find it wanting, but after a few moments inspection she simply plucked the bowstring, looked me straight in the eye, and asked, 'Khajiit gut?' She always knows how to make me laugh!
  10. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] When I speak of my trade to others, I'm often met with confusion. I know it's not uncommon for Wood Elves to trade for wooden wares, but to make a career out of it does stand out. I can't help it though, my love for woodworking simply cannot be ended! Please enjoy yourself on my behalf as you craft items from the materials in this shipment.
  11. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] Today a Redguard spoke to me about my business practices. He wondered how much profit I made, buying materials as a hireling rather than gather them myself. He balked when I admitted my numbers. Yes, perhaps my current trade will not bring me great wealth, but the thought of you using these materials to their fullest is fulfillment enough.
  12. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] I thank you for the continued faith you've had in me as your hireling. With all of the trade available in Elsweyr, I have no worries in missing my shipment deadlines. Most merchants I meet have crafting materials on hand, and are more than happy to sell or trade them.
  13. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] I've begun to dally about Jossai's tent even more lately. She already taught me several woodworking techniques, though naturally it's simply to sate my curiosity. I could never actually take on the practice myself! No matter how tempting the thought may be....
  14. [As Orbinor the Mortified] Apparently there's a rumor going around that I'm courting Jossai! One of my traveling companions even dared to ask if her 'bedroll was to my liking.' I've never been more insulted in my life! Not only is she older than my mother, she's also a respected elder who has shown me a great deal of kindness. How dare they insult her like this!
  15. [As Orbinor the Mortified] I've finally gathered the nerve to tell Jossai about the rumors that have been circulating through the camp about us. All she did was laugh, though I've never felt more humiliated. She told me, 'It's not me whom you love, but my trade.' I bit my tongue. Yes, I may have a fascination with woodworking, but I wouldn't say I love it!
  16. [As Orbinor the Cautious] The Redguards are often thankful for the meat I bring in, and I'm more than happy to share with them. Last night they offered me a bowl of their stew, which I of course politely declined. Naturally, I've never eaten vegetables, so I can't say I dislike them from personal experience. But the very smell of cooked Green turns my stomach.
  17. [As Orbinor the Cautious] I can never wrap my head around the thought of eating the Green. All my life I've been taught to respect Y'ffre's wisdom, to not harm the Green which she so lovingly created. The thought of even breaking off a tree branch sets my teeth on edge. How do they do it? Well, no need to answer. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.
  18. [As Orbinor the Cautious] Today I've decided to say goodbye to my Redguard companions. Jossai wished to give me a token of thanks, a lovely walking stick that she had carved for sale. I politely declined, of course. I've attached my last purchase from this group, but I'm positive I'll quickly be able to find other merchants to gather crafting material from soon!
  19. [As Orbinor the Cautious] Still traveling alone, but I hope to meet another group of travelers soon. The woods can be very dangerous at night. This shipment came from a somewhat shady Nord I met along the road. A fine trader, but not someone who I cared to camp with.
  20. [As Orbinor the Cautiousconfirmation needed] Still searching for a group, but I've been able to pick up crafting materials here and there. I'm sure you would hate for your faithful hireling to fall prey to bandits or some such! Always safety in numbers. Still, I'm ever vigilant about my shipments. Please enjoy these materials!
  21. [As Orbinor the Cautious] Met that shady Nord on the road again. The good news is that he was able to sell me the materials for this latest shipment. The bad news is that I believe he may be following me. Perhaps I'll travel within the forest for a few days. Just in case.
  22. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] I had a great revelation today. After not meeting a single merchant for days, I stood amidst a grove of trees, worrying about my next shipment. As I looked around I noticed how much dead limber [sic] [Do not change this to lumber. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] was collected upon the forest's floor. There's no harm in taking what has already fallen! Please enjoy this shipment of freshly collected materials.
  23. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] I've been thinking lately about my current collection methods. Surely Y'ffre does not mind take I that which has already fallen? I'm not hurting the Green in any way. So I've begun to wonder if perhaps I may partake in a meal of fruit that has also already fallen? I'll think upon it, but for now here is your latest shipment.
  24. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] After much thought I've decided against eating fruit, even that which has dropped from the trees. I'm not sure if my stomach could handle it, not to mention the diseases that I might develop. I'm not sure how the other races can handle such a diet. My collection of woodworking materials continues, however. Please enjoy!
  25. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] I've finally found a group of Wood Elves to travel with, though I haven't been met with the warmest reception. I believe my currently employment is somewhat off-putting for them. I've tried to explain my reasoning, but to no avail. Still, here is your shipment, as promised!
  26. [As Orbinor the Open-Minded] It's odd that my Wood Elf companions are quieter than the group of Redguards I traveled with. The look in their eyes makes the back of my neck crawl, especially when I'm trading for your crafting materials. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be with this group. But have no fear! I'll still make sure my shipments are timely and well stocked.
  27. [As Orbinor the Faithful] I send you this shipment with a bit of bad news. I seemed to have unwillingly entered quite a ... debate last night with the Wood Elf group that I'm traveling with. They questioned my loyalty to the Green Pact, and tried to convince me to leave my line of current work. Of course I have no such wish! Still, their words are hard to swallow.
  28. [As Orbinor the Faithful] I'm often met with skepticism when I talk of my conviction in the Pact. No matter! As long as I hold faith, I don't care what others say. Just because I cannot easily obtain or use these crafting materials does not mean that it goes against my faith to send them to you. I hope you're able to craft a fine piece from this shipment.
  29. [As Orbinor the Faithful] One of my Wood Elf traveling companions refused to hunt with me today. He told me to go back to camp, as he did not want to 'lose Y'ffre's protection' by accepting my help. I've never heard of something so absurd! I went to the other members of the camp for support, but they remained silent. Well if they won't help, I'll just hunt by myself.
  30. [As Orbinor the Faithful] I met a spot of trouble while collecting this shipment for you. A few of the Wood Elves I'm traveling with happened to catch me as I gathered your materials, and began to question what I was doing. I calmly explained that all I had collected was already fallen, but they simply refuse to listen. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be welcomed.
  31. [As Orbinor the Faithful] Today I was asked to leave the Wood Elf group I was traveling with. They were quite candid in that they wished to not be seen with someone they so easily called a "traitor to the pact." Well, I never! It's certainly all right, as I'd rather travel on my own than with those who would mock me.
  32. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] I know it may sound odd, but lately I've been dreaming of woodworking. Oftentimes I imagine a woodworker I've met on the road, but sometimes it's my own hands that craft the wood. I always awake feeling guilty ... but also excited. I'm not sure who else I can speak of this to. Thank you for being not only my employer, but a steadfast confidant.
  33. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Are there Wood Elves who are woodworkers? I'm not sure how they would be able to overcome this guilt. It's odd, but I never had these questions before leaving home. I hope you'll enjoy this shipment, and please feel free to ignore my questions. I'm sure I'll find my answers during the course of my journey.
  34. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] I realize that my last letters may have you questioning my commitment to the Pact. Simply because I have these urges does not mean I will act upon them. I'm sure many Wood Elves go through the same feelings once they've learned of the wonders of woodworking. I'll eventually learn to suppress it, you'll see! For now, it's enough to help you.
  35. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] As always, here is your shipment! You know, I just realized this, but I've never fully explained to my family back home what my current employment entails. I speak of traveling and trading, but never of the materials I work with. I've resolved to send them a letter to correct this, as soon as possible.
  36. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Do you happen to recall the shady Nord fellow I traded with, after leaving the Redguards? Well, by Y'ffre, I've met him again! I'm not quite sure if it's a stroke of luck or.... No, there's no way this man is following me. That would be ridiculous. Just coincidence, that's all!
  37. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Last night I had to sleep in a tree, courtesy of a hungry pack of wolves. Thank goodness they didn't catch me in a more open area! I'll have to make sure to find a traveling group soon. I could hardly keep my eyes open today as I collected these materials for your shipment.
  38. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] I've met a group of Khajiit that I've begun to travel with. It's harder to trust them than my other traveling companions, but they've shown interest in helping me collect crafting materials for my shipments. As always, my work to you comes first! I'll just make sure to keep my gold close at hand.
  39. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] I've attempted several times to write a letter home explaining my current employment, but somehow the right words elude me. I don't wish them to think ill of me, but I know that if I could speak in person I could explain my unwavering commitment to the Pact. Perhaps it's best to wait until I visit home for such an explanation.
  40. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Though the Khajiit are far more welcoming than my last group, I find their humor strange. One of them will say something that doesn't appear to ea joke, and the rest of the group will suddenly begin to laugh. I can't help but feel I'm missing something here. Something I never miss, however, is your shipment! Enjoy!
  41. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Lately a young Khajiit named Nullini has been asking me questions about the Pact. I'm not sure if she's perhaps considering converting to the Green Pact (an odd choice for someone of her kind), but for now I've decided it's simply a curiosity of the unknown. And who am I to judge her for holding an interest outside the norms of her race?
  42. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Today I discussed my diet with Nullini, explaining why I only eat meat. She pointed to my latest shipment. "You collect that which Nullini's people have felled, yet you cannot eat what we have picked?" I had a hard time explaining the difference, but adamantly refused her offer of recently cooked vegetables. The very thought turns my stomach sour.
  43. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Last night Nullini told me, "My people fall a tree, and your employer crafts it. Why do you accept this, yet cannot work the wood yourself?" I tried to explain, but she simply shook her head. "The tree is fallen. The wood is crafted. In the end, all is the same." You understand my reasoning, don't you? It's simply different, if I do it myself.
  44. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] I've been thinking of Nullini's question. Why does the thought of others harvesting the Green not offend me? As long as it is not from the Valenwood, and as long as I don't harm the Green myself, I find myself uncaring. I know many of my kind hold this view, but why? I hope this shipment is enough to forgive my never-ending questions.
  45. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] I recently remarked to Nullini how odd it was that she knew so little of Wood Elf customs. I have a hard time reading Khajiit expressions, but I believe I struck a nerve. She snapped at me, "Well, what do you know of my people?" And then she stalked right off! You know, I do think she's right. Perhaps it's time to ask some questions myself.
  46. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] The Khajiit's have a strange religion. Do you know they believe themselves the perfect people? I wouldn't imagine the perfect race quite so furry. Of course I held my tongue when Nullini told me this. I can't afford to offend those I travel with, lest I disrupt my shipments to you.
  47. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] There are so many Khajiit gods! Nullini was patient as she explained them, but I'm not quite sure why a religion has to be so complicated. When I remarked so, Nullini simply laughed and said, "Complicated? This one would go mad, should she be told to follow as many rules as you do!" How funny an outside view can be!
  48. [As Orbinor the Worried] I finally wrote a letter home. It must have been five pages long! I had Nullini look it over. Twice. She told me that any family who would be upset by a son such as myself are fools. I have to admit, I did tear up at that. She pretended not to notice. I never thought a Khajiit would become one of my most steadfast friends.
  49. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Another camp, another rumor. I'm not shocked that the others think I'm sweet on Nullini, but it is irksome. She takes the comments in stride though. I'm glad to have her wit, as I simply blush and grow silent when a snide comment is made. Nullini's also becoming a reliable partner in collecting my materials, and her fees are quite reasonable.
  50. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] Yesterday, Nullini and I we were approached by one of the young Khajiits. He smirked and asked, "That one has so many questions for you, Nullini. Tell me, has he asked for a taste?" She simply waved her hand and replied, "If he does, he'll get the same answer as you did!" And then they both laughed! Khajiit truly are the strangest race.
  51. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] I've finally sat Nullini down and explained that her comments may be causing some to think that there was truth in the rumors of our relationship. She raised a brow and told me, "They will tease, no matter what I say. Should this one simply blush, as you do?" I told her to continue to do as she feels best, before making a hasty exit.
  52. [As Orbinor the Infuriated] Today a small group of bandits attacked us. The battle was quick, with no losses on our side. As I gathered my arrows, one of my companions lazily asked me, "Tell me, Wood Elf, which do you find tastier? Breton or Redguard?" I bit my tongue and went to my tent as she laughed. Despite the attack I've gathered your materials.
  53. [As Orbinor the Faithful] I'm afraid my last letter may have sounded ungrateful. I've loved this opportunity to travel, and often times enjoy the company of the Khajiit. They have no woodworker, but they've been happy to show me furniture they hope to sell. They are lovely pieces, but I know you'll create something even lovelier with these materials.
  54. [As Orbinor the Bewildered] I'm shocked by how many believe that Wood Elves still eat corpses! I know it's not entirely out of practice, but to think that we all still uphold this tradition is ridiculous. Even Nullini asked me, and I answered so angrily we haven't spoken since. Despite what they may think, the Khajiit were still willing to trade with me for this shipment.
  55. [As Orbinor the Faithful] I finally was able to make amends with Nullini. She has a quick temper, but also a kind heart. She's become an unexpected confidant during this journey. I will miss her when I leave, though I will not miss her incessant questions. They leave me far too confused. But the one thing I am sure about is being your hireling!
  56. [Sent by Nullini the Amused] Nullini has been allowed to write this letter, as an apology for Orbinor's rudeness. This one is not allowed to write anything "unseemly." She may not request you send more gold, tell any of Orbinor's silly secrets, or say anything "untoward" your most striking person. So, in the words of my most distrustful companion, please enjoy your shipment!
  57. [As Orbinor the Bothered] I hope you didn't mind the fact that I allowed Nullini to write you my last letter. She seemed amused by the idea, but I assure you I read the letter over before sending it! Truth be told, that was her fourth draft. She kept writing the most inappropriate things! Still, she did help me gather this latest shipment for your convenience.
  58. [Sent by Nullini the Vengeful] Hello wise employer, Nullini speaks to you once more. Orbinor has received a letter from home and has refused to leave his tent. This one sends you his shipment in his stead. She also assures you she is doing all that she can to comfort our friend. Even if it means hunting down his family and skinning them alive. Slowly.
  59. [As Orbinor the Faithful] I apologize for Nullini's behavior! She had absolutely no right to send that latest letter. I'll make sure she is properly spoken to. If she asked you for more gold, please ignore it! I'm more than happy with our current arrangement. Very happy! I absolutely will not quit and move back home. Absolutely not! Here's your shipment!
  60. [As Orbinor the Seeking] I apologize for my rather abrupt letter that came to you with my last shipment. As you may have gleamed, my family has asked me to give up my trade and return home. They simply do not understand me. I feel more lost than ever now. But I will not give up. I believe it is time that I ventured forth and found my own truth. My own faith.
  61. [As Orbinor the Seeking] If my time with the Khajiit have taught me anything, it's that I know so little of the world outside of Valenwood. I want to meet more people, discover new cultures and ways of thinking. And perhaps, through that, discover more about myself. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so. Please take this shipment, and my thanks.
  62. [As Orbinor the Seeking] Nullini was upset that I've decided to leave the group, but I believe she understands. I was tempted to ask her to travel with me, but she's actually just recently became engaged! I couldn't be happier for my dear friend and her wife-to-be. If you receive any letters from her, please ignore them! I assure you, I'm quite happy with my current wage.
  63. [As Orbinor the Seeking] I'm once more a party of one. When did my distrust in the Khajiit change to companionship? Perhaps it was Nullini's questions, no matter how perplexed they made me. Perhaps it was the easy banter, or the incessant teasing. At least I still have my letters to you. They help me organize my thoughts, and give me comfort in these lonely times.
  64. [As Orbinor the Seeking] You'll not believe this, but I've met that shady Nord again. Yes, the one I've met twice already! Did he follow me? No, that's impossible. I didn't see him once during my time with the Khajiits. At least he sold me the materials for your latest shipment. Still, despite my more open mindset, I did not offer to camp with him.
  65. [As Orbinor the Seeking] I swear to you, I went the direct opposite way that Nord was traveling! I did! And yet once again I met him on the road. How? How does this keep happening? It goes against all logic. I suppose I should just be grateful for his sales, but still! Now I'm very glad I've never offered to camp with him! Who knows what would happen?
  66. [As Orbinor the Seeking] So, I've begun to travel with the Nord. His name is Maginar Troll- Spit, but I'm just to call him Mag. Honestly, he told me this the first time I met him, and I still don't know if he's pulling my leg. This decision was made after a very close call with a particularly vicious strangler. Well, I simply must make the best of it!
  67. [As Orbinor the Seeking] Mag has quite a bit of advice for me, all unsolicited. First and foremost, he believes that I should grow a beard. "Ain't right, a grown man with no proper beard!" he tells me, stroking his own rather remarkable, crumb covered whiskers. I simply nod rather than argue. At least he's a steady supply of crafting materials for my shipments to you.
  68. [As Orbinor the Seeking] A nice thing about traveling with Mag is that he's more than happy to help me collect woodworking materials. He always seems to have some on hand to sell me. It's nice to have someone not bound by the Pact to help with these shipments. I hate to admit it, but he's been more useful than Nullini with how quick he collects!
  69. [As Orbinor the Seeking] Mag's latest unsolicited advice was directed towards my preferred weaponry. "A bow? Nonsense! You get yourself an axe and look your prey dead in the eye. None of this sneaky business, ain't honorable!" Again, I only nodded. The Nord sure has a lot to say about my bow, but he eats my kills happily enough.
  70. [As Orbinor the Curious] Last night I learned that Mag has a surprisingly deep knowledge of the Green Pact, and it seems the one thing we agree with on is my interpretation of it. And wouldn't you know it, he actually told me that he once followed the Pact! Him, a Nord! I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I would like to know more if he would tell me.
  71. [As Orbinor the Curious] I feel like I've begun quoting Mag quite a lot in my letters to you. Perhaps it's because he doesn't usually let me get a word in when we talk. It was a nice change of pace talking about the Pact with him. For once he seemed to actually listen. His words almost seemed careful, respectful. I wonder why this topic brought such a change?
  72. [As Orbinor the Curious] My last letter spoke too soon. Though Mag is respectful of my interpretation of the Pact, he still has much to say about how I go about my practices. "You want dead trees?" he asked me with a chuckle. "Go to Skyrim! Most every living thing up there freezes to death eventually!" Well, if Skyrim is so great, why doesn't he go back?
  73. [As Orbinor the Curious] I was trying to conceive a reason a Nord would have to commit to the Green Pact, but the truth was far from any answer I could have surmised. Marriage! Mag married a Wood Elf who was deeply committed to the Pact. He followed it because of, well, because of love. I honestly can't imagine it. Mag? With a Wood Elf? I simply must know more now!
  74. [As Orbinor the Curious] Mag has so much to say about the Pact. "l didn't much care about not using wood, but the food? Meat! Milk! Eggs! My stomach could barely take it. It felt like my mouth was covered in a layer of grease. And that's from me, a Nord!" He has yet to speak of his wife, and I'm hesitant to ask. He never writes letters home. What happened to her?
  75. [As Orbinor the Unsure] I've begun gathering wood with Mag, collecting from the underbrush as he chops down branches. It's strange, I used to be more squeamish watching the practice. I suppose I've gotten used to the sound of splitting wood, the sight of its pale insides. It barely fazes me anymore, and I'm not sure how to feel about that.
  76. [As Orbinor the (Too) Curious] Mag finally spoke of his wife, after quite a few bottles of Mead. She grew sick one day, eventually coming close to death. He begged her to take medicine, but she refused. He told me, "And what of our future cubs? Would she just let them die, for her Pact?" I know she would have. It's a hard choice, but it's our way of life. I can see why he left.
  77. [As Orbinor the Grateful] The Pact is not always easy. The Pact is not always fair. There's not always a healer nearby, and medicine is simply not the way of my kind. Perhaps it was not my place to tell you Mag's tale, but I felt the need to share it with someone. Please accept this shipment, and my gratitude. You've always been a trustworthy confidant.
  78. [As Orbinor the Curious] I know that Mag's tale is very sad, but I can't help but think about a few... logistics. He spoke of their future children, so that must have meant well, it must mean that they, or rather they were at least planning to but how? How would that have worked Please, feel free to ignore my questions and simply enjoy this shipment.
  79. [As Orbinor the Seeking] Mag decided to restock his supplies in a nearby Khajiit settlement. We haven't spoken much since we told me about his wife. Honestly, I wish I had never asked. The settlement is nice enough, but Mag wishes to travel on as soon as we can. This shipment was sold to me from local merchants, and I hope their quality is to your liking!
  80. [As Orbinor the Seeking] I've decided to stay in the settlement for awhile. Mag simply shrugged when I told him. I asked him one last question before he left. Why stay? Why not return to Skyrim? He told me, "Sometimes it's better to live in the comfort of sadness, than in the sadness of comfort." Huh. Perhaps you'll understand those words better than I.
  81. [As Orbinor the Seeking] The settlement I'm staying in is nice, but I'm hoping for another group of travelers to arrive soon. I've now journeyed with Redguards, Khajiits, and even a Nord. Who would think I would find such diverse traveling companions? Being a hireling has opened my eyes to the world. Perhaps I should look towards other lands next.
  82. Today a most strange family of Wood Elves came upon the settlement. At first I thought them Bretons, simply from the fact that their clothes were, well, cloth. I think I'd be less shocked if they were stark naked! I think I'll speak to them tomorrow. They're the first of my kind I've met in weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.
  83. I still haven't spoken to the Wood Elf family. It's odd, I know, but I feel strange. Unsure. The father of the family is a woodworker. I thought this would be exciting. I've wondered so often if there was someone of my kind who took up the craft, but now that I have that answer Perhaps I'll speak to them tomorrow.
  84. Though I'm still unsure why I held such initial hesitation, I've finally spoken to the family. They're quite nice! I wonder if I'm the first Wood Elf they've spoken to in a long time. They told me that they originally lived in Cyrodiil, but moved south after the recent crisis. What a lovely family. I must visit them again tomorrow.
  85. The Wood Elf family I've recently become acquainted with has already invited me to travel. I'm not sure why I hesitated to accept. I'm just being silly, that's all. The father's name is Banion, and he's also in need of woodworking material. I believe our travels will be mutually beneficial. Already he's helped me gather this shipment for you!
  86. I'm an embarrassment of a hireling. Yesterday the children of the family helped me gather my materials. The daughter began to snap off twigs from trees, and I chided her, as if she was my own! It took me a moment to remember myself. These children were not raised to follow the Pact, and it's not my place to question that.
  87. I don't understand it! Nullini and Mag would help me collect materials, and they would often take from living trees. But the fact that these Wood Elf children share the same practice sets my teeth on edge. I would ask to gather alone, but I don't wish to offend my hosts. What's wrong with me? I really must get a hold of myself!
  88. Little ones can be as curious as Khajiit, and the children in this family are no exception. They'll often ask me about the Pact, and honestly I'm a tad surprised their parents have never explained the practice. Well, it's not my place to ask. I'll just bother you with all my silly thoughts! I hope this shipment can make up for my prattling.
  89. Today I was approached by Banion. He raised concerns about my conversations with the little ones. "We just don't want to give them the wrong idea, is all," he explained. "We don't want them to think they're doing anything wrong by not following the Pact." I promised to avoid the topic, but the whole conversation has left me perturbed.
  90. I can't help but feel uneasy now. Was I perhaps preaching more than I realized? I may be devoted to the Pact, and I may find it a little odd that Banion and his family don't follow it. But who am I to say what they should believe? I think it's about time I asked them for an explanation. Perhaps that will clear up any misunderstandings.
  91.  I've done it, I've asked Banion why him and his family don't follow the Pact. And you know what he said? He simply shrugged and told me, "l just wasn't raised to it. I know plenty of Wood Elves who don't follow it. Most of us outside of Valenwood, really." Am I truly so ignorant? Am I the unusual one to them? I need time to think of this.
  92. You know, I've realized something. This entire time I've been with this family, I've been I've been judging them. I've been judging them just like other Wood Elves judged me. I've been looking down on them, thinking less of them. Me! And it's been as natural to me as breathing. I was so shocked by this I almost forgot to send your shipment!
  93.  I've been so curious about this family, but not about the right things. Today I simply asked them about their beliefs. They follow the Eight Divines, but still respect nature. They harm as little of the Green as they can, they give thanks for what they've taken. Even without Y'ffre's guidance, they still show admiration in their own way.
  94. The children seem to have sensed my reluctance to speak about the Pact, so they've begun to stick to questions about Valenwood. Oh, I hardly knew how to begin. To speak of the glory of Elden Root, and quiet seclusion of the groves. I suddenly found my eyes wet with tears. I didn't realize how much I missed it all.
  95. Thinking back to my last letter, I want to make one thing absolutely clear. I've never been, not one day, ungrateful for the support you've given me. You've let me walk with the Redguards, hunt with the Khajiit. You've opened my eyes to my culture, to my people, myself. And all by just allowing me to be your hireling. Thank you.
  96. I'm sorry if this letter is short. Last night Banion brought out some jagga he had traded for. I'm afraid I drank a tad too much. Please enjoy this shipment.
  97. In the early morning, before the rest of the family awoke, Banion told me of his wish to travel to Valenwood. He feels it could be a new home, but worries that his family won't be accepted. I couldn't say much. Even I worry about returning. Still, I told him, "Well, I'm proud to call you a fellow Wood Elf." And you know what? I truly am.
  98. Yesterday Banion gave me some advice that I've been mulling over for awhile now. He told me that while his family has enjoyed my company, and appreciates my help, that perhaps it was time for me to go home. I do admit I miss it. My home, my woods, my family. But is it the right move to make? I'll have to consider it.
  99. I'm glad for my friendship with Banion, but I don't think I'll heed his advice. I've learned much, but I've also unlearned a great deal as well. My viewpoints, my prejudices, my own faith I've begun to question so many things. And that's good! That helps me grow. Going home now will only be a step back. It's time to look forward.
  100. From the bottom of my heart, I truly wish to thank you for all that you've allowed me to do. Through your patience and patronage, I was able to learn a great deal. About other cultures, and other philosophies, but mostly about myself. I may not have all the answers yet, but I'm excited for what is to come. Nervous, perhaps, but ready and willing.