Not to be confused with Orchelor.
"One of my monks, the elf Orchendor, was sent to gather these Afflicted. He shepherded them into Bthardamz for me, but has since lost his way."


Orchendor is a Bosmer mage and the primary antagonist of the quest "The Only Cure," having taken up residence deep within Bthardamz. He is also mentioned in the Afflicted's Note found in the upper portion of Bthardamz.


Orchendor was a priest of Peryite, aiding him in spreading disease and creating the Afflicted. He eventually decided to cease working for the Daedric Prince, which prompted Peryite to seek the Dragonborn's help in ridding Nirn of the unfaithful priest.


Orchendor utilizes standard Destruction spells, favoring frost, and has a great deal of staying power. When cornered or sufficiently injured, he will teleport (becoming temporarily invulnerable) to a nearby space or even to another tier of the same room. In addition, Orchendor is completely immune to fire, frost, and shock spells, as well as absorption effects; physical weapons are recommended. Beast Form is also quite strong against him, however he may die while teleporting, which will cause him to disappear.

He is also immune to Paralysis effects, such as Ice Form and Paralyze, which would stop him from teleporting around the room. He can also kill Atronachs very quickly, but could be advantageous to gain some resting time. It can be useful to Summon Arniel's Shade in this situation. Orchendor also has immunity to all shouts except Drain Vitality, Soul Tear, and Bend Will.

If the Dragonborn has an invisibility potion and the Assassin's Blade perk, sneak behind Orchendor and use a strong dagger, or dual wield two daggers or swords and power swing with both of them. If the Dragonborn has the Shrouded Gloves, a successful sneak attack with one dagger (assuming one also has the Assassin's Blade perk and a decent dagger) will likely kill him instantly.

If it is too difficult to beat him conventionally due to him being a destruction mage, simply lead him back through the dungeon until the study area is reached, where he can be killed using the floor traps. However, this area is two subsections away from the room where he is first found and it is possible that Orchendor will kill the Dragonborn before reaching it.

Using the Conjuration spell Conjure Dremora Lord coupled with the Twin Souls perk to summon two Dremora Lords is the most effective way for a mage. Summon them, then hide behind the wall and wait for him to be killed.


  • If the Dragonborn can make use of the Dead Thrall spell, Orchendor is an excellent reanimation candidate and one of a few very powerful Thrall options.
  • All of those affiliated with Orchendor pronounce his name differently. Peryite (as well as a few Afflicted) pronounce it as "Ore-CHEN-door," some Afflicted say it as "ORCH-n-door," while others pronounce it as "ORC-en-door." Some Afflicted even pronounce it differently in the same paragraph.
  • Orchendor wears random, leveled armor on his hands and feet, giving him some protection against melee damage and arrows.


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  • If Orchendor is one of the Dragonborn's Dead Thralls, casting Call to Arms will cause him to become hostile.confirmation needed
  • Fight in another room and he will not teleport.
  • If one uses Dead Thrall on Orchendor, he is sometimes able to be killed with Destruction magic.
  • If a Ring of Peerless Destruction is taken off Orchendor, there may be a typo reading: Ring of Peeless Destruction.
  • If the Dragonborn is sneaking and performs a successful sneak attack, he may become friendly.


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