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Ordeal of St. Olms

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Ordeal of St. Olms is a Destruction spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that lowers an opponent's Fatigue, reducing their ability to fight effectively.



The following people use Ordeal of St. Olms:


This spell can be purchased from the following merchants:

Aldaril Imperial Legion10Buckmoth Legion FortInterior
Diren Vendu House Telvanni10Tel MoraTower Services
Ethasi Rilvayn * Morag Tong10BalmoraMorag Tong Guildhall
Imare House Hlaalu10BalmoraHlaalu Council Manor
Lloros Sarano House Redoran10Ald'ruhnTemple
Nilvyn Drothan Tribunal Temple10GhostgateGhostgate Temple
Solea Nuccusius Imperial Legion10Moonmoth Legion FortPrison Towers

* This person provides services to faction members only. A sufficient rank may be required.


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