Order Priest's Robe is an item of clothing found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles. It is worn by Jyggalag's Priests of Order near Obelisks of Order throughout Sheogorath's Shivering Isles.


  • The only way to obtain an Order Priest's Robe is to kill a Priest of Order and loot his body. However, this is only possible when the body does not have lightning sparking over the body. If you try to loot the body while lighting sparks over the body, then you will suffer damage and be unable to loot the body. The easiest way to get the armor is to loot Thadon (or Syl, if you became Duke/Duchess of Mania) while he is a Priest of Order during the quest "The Roots of Madness," as he (or she, if it's Syl) will be always lootable so you can get the Diadem of Euphoria (or Nerveshatter, if you fight Syl).