For the book, see Order of the Hour (Book).

The Order of the Hour is a knightly order that reveres Akatosh.


First EraEdit


Second EraEdit

In the mid-second era, the Kvatch Chapter of the Order of the Hour gained significant power in Kvatch.[1] The leader at the time, Primate Artorius, gathered many new warriors to the Order of the Hour, and waged war on the Dark Brotherhood in the area, culminating in the deaths of Brotherhood members, Order warriors, and Primate Artorius himself.[2]

Third EraEdit

Around 3E 405, the regions of Wayrest and the Isle of Balfiera in High Rock and Bergama in Hammerfell had Akatosh as their head deity, and had a number of Order of the Hour temples.[3]

Fourth EraEdit

The Order had a Temple of Akatosh in Wayrest[4] around 4E 188.[5] One of the members, Brother Markam Hawksmire, was an assassination target of the Dark Brotherhood.[4]

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