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Shipwrecksicon Orphan's Tear
Orphans tear
Orpan's Tear (Map)
Hold Haafingar
Location North-west of Fort Hraggstad
Type Shipwreck
Enemies Bandits
Location ID OrphansTearExterior

Orphan's Tear is a ship in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Orphan's Tear is a shipwreck located in Haafingar Hold, found along the coast to the northwest of Fort Hraggstad, which lies to the west of Solitude. Three bandits have made a camp adjacent to the shipwreck.


  • Three bandits, including two melee fighters and a single mage.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Three chests which contain random loot.
  • Random potions.
  • Two nirnroot plants may be found here on a small island directly northeast, as well as on another island approximately northwest of the location. The area is also quite abundant in Nordic barnacles as well as a few clams.
  • Two Skooma bottles on the floor of the ship's cabin, near a bed roll.


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