Orc avatar 1 (Legends)

An Orc

For other uses, see Orsimer.
"The people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains are renowned as both craftsmen and berserkers. You'll collect Orc cards more quickly, reflecting your ability to lead other Orcs into battle."
―Character creation screen[src]

Orsimer is a race appearing in the strategy card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Orcs are a tribal race, and work best when they fight together to defend their clans and strongholds. In Legends, this is reflected By the way Orcs interact with one another. Orc cards tend to make other Orcs stronger; this is best seen in cards such as Bangkorai Butcher and Militant Chieftain. The best way to utilize Orcs is to build a deck around them. You can include other types of creatures, but the majority should be Orcs. You should also utilize supports such as Chieftain's Banner and Wrothgar Forge.


Arcaneum Librarian
Bangkorai Butcher (Legends)
Battlerage Orc (Legends)
Covenant Marauder (Legends)
Dragontail Savior
Dushnikh Yal Archer
Fharun Defender
Fortress Watchman
Garnag, Dark Adherent
Gortwog gro-Nagorm (Legends)
Graystone Ravager (Legends)
Militant Chieftain
Morkul Gatekeeper
Orc Clan Captain (Legends)
Orc Clan Shaman (Legends)
Orc Clansman (Legends)
Stoneshard Orc
Steelheart Vanquisher (Legends)
Stonetooth Scrapper (Legends)
Stronghold Patrol (Legends)
Wood Orc Headhunter (Legends)
Wrothgar Artisan (Legends)
Wrothgar Kingpin