"The king's hearth-wife is holding a competition to celebrate Orc culture. Without my assistant, I can't finish my classic Orc recipes. Unless you'd care to make some coin? If you're interested, I can get you a list of ingredients."

Orzorga, formerly known as Commander Orzorga,[1] is a professional Orsimer chef found in Morkuldin Haven. She specializes in Orcish cuisine and runs the tavern Orzorga's Kitchen, also in the Morkul Haven. She tasks the Vestige with fetching ingredients for dishes that she is making for an upcoming feast in Orsinium, as her assistant is running late.


Kindred SpiritsEdit

Orzorga needs to prepare a drink for the King Kurog's feast, and requires wrathberries and ice stream water. She sends you out to the Shatul Range in the Wrothgar wilderness to retrieve them, as her current assistant is running late and hasn't been seen. After giving the ingredients to her, she will reward you with her Red Frothgar Recipe.

A Healthy ChoiceEdit

With her assistant still having not reported back, Orzorga needs prepare a dessert for the feast, and asks for your further assistance. She sends you to retrieve the bile and brain of a Harpy, along with some sedge grass from Shipwreck Cove. After agreeing to do so, her assistant Hamelyn Serpe will show up, and they will have the following conversation:

Hamelyn Serpe: "Wait! I'm here! Hold on!"
Orzorga: "Hamelyn Serpe. You're late."
Hamelyn Serpe "But... chased by a giant... think she wanted to mate..."
Orzorga: "Well, now your job won't interfere with your personal life. You're fired."
Hamelyn Serpe: "But... but... I understand."

After giving the ingredients to her, she will reward you with her Tripe Trifle Pocket Recipe.

Thicker Than WaterEdit

As you are now her new assistant, Orzorga wants you to help her with preparing a dessert for the feast. She sends you to retrieve echatere moss along with the heart and intestines the ogre Numakelurruz the Radish-Eater, both of which found to the east of the Haven. After giving her the ingredients, she will reward you with her Blood Price Pie Recipe.

A Feast to RememberEdit

For the final dish, Orzorga wants prepare the main course for the feast, and tasks you with getting some glacial tomatoes, durzog lichen, and the head of Gnarl-Fang. After giving the ingredients to her at the kitchen, she will reward you with her Smoked Bear Haunch Recipe. Hearth-Wife Barazal will then walk into the tavern, and they will have the following conversation:

Hearth-Wife Barazal: "You are Orzorga, master of Orc cuisine?"
Orzorga: ""Master?" I... yes, that's me. And you are?"
Barazal: "Barazal, hearth-wife to the king."
Orzorga: "Oh! Welcome to my kitchen. Can I get you something? Perhaps some candied chub loon? Fresh from the oven!"
Barazal: "No, I have business in Orsinium... yet I expect you to join me there shortly. I want you to cook the feast that will honor my husband. Can you do this for the king of the Orcs?"
Orzorga: "Of course. It shall be a feast to remember!"
Barazal: <Bows, then walks out of the kitchen.>


Orzorga was once a commander of the Irregulars, a unit of an unspecified faction that participated in Cyrodiil. After a tragic event on the shores of Lake Rumare, Orzorga retired and moved to Wrothgar, pursuing a career in cooking.[1]


Show: Kindred Spirits

"Did you happen to see a tattooed Breton on your way here? Stupid hat, droopy mustache... carries a mage staff he doesn't know how to use? Answers to "Hamelyn Serpe"?"

No. Why do you ask? "I hired an assistant to retrieve some ingredients from the wilderness, but he's late. Very late. I won't let his absence ruin my chances to restore the good name of Orc cuisine."

Orc cuisine? "The king's hearth-wife is holding a competition to celebrate Orc culture. Without my assistant, I can't finish my classic Orc recipes. Unless you'd care to make some coin? If you're interested, I can get you a list of ingredients."
All right. Where do I start? "I'll need some wrathberries and a skin of ice stream water. There should be some nearby, but watch for the wildlife."
I had some questions about the ingredients. "Of course."
What can you tell me about wrathberries? "Wrathberries are like sharper-tasting snowberries. If you chew a mouthful, they stain your teeth the color of blood. A great intimidation tactic before battle. Or a wedding... if it's a good wedding."
What about the skin of ice stream water? "Normally I'd say "water is water," but I want to mix these crushed wrathberries with water from the same source that nurtured them."

"Did I overcook the meat? Just should have taken it off the fire sooner."

I have the ingredients you requested. "Wonderful! Now to brew them for the competition. I call it my "cup of wrath." I still have a glass from an earlier batch. You're welcome to try it."

Yes, it sounds delicious. "Here you are. So, what do you think? And please, be honest. If it's not ready for competition, there's still time to perfect it."
My tongue is burning. Is it supposed to burn? "I could ease back on the wrathberries in the next batch. Oh! Echatere milk will cut through the burning sensation. If that doesn't work, place some charcoal under your tongue for ten minutes―but you'll lose some of the flavour."
I don't think I'll ever forget the taste. "Wonderful! It should stand out in the competition."
Show: A Healthy Choice

"Still no sign of my assistant. Want to make some more coin? I prefer to work with people who finish the job."

I'm listening. "A drink won't win the cultural competition. I need to present a full course of traditional Orc cuisine. Care to scour the land for ingredients that fight back?"

All right. What do you need? "The next dish calls for harpy bile, some harpy brains, and sedge grass to tie it all together."
I had some questions about the ingredients. "Of course."
What can you tell me about sedge grass? "I call it "tundra hay," because the echatere always nibble on it. You'll want to find a patch near open water. Those are more naturally salty. With enough sedge grass, you weave a pocket for the harpy viscera. The flavor bakes right in."
What about the harpy bile and harpy brain? "Try not to get any on your boots. You'll attract durzog."
I don't know if I'm comfortable hunting harpies as food. "That's why I'm sending you after Wrothgar harpies. A thousand generations of inbreeding long since removed any glimmer of intelligence from their minds. The ones here are really giant birds. Delicious, tasty birds."

"Too salty. One handful of salt, next time."

I have the ingredients you requested. "More than enough to serve brain pockets at the competition! I do believe I perfected the recipe with my earlier batch. Would you care for a taste? They're especially crisp!"

I can't wait to try it. "Here you go. Pull it apart with your hands and scoop out the―yes, like that. So, how is it?"
I just lost sight in my eye. Is that normal? "You're not supposed to eat the sedge grass! It draws out the harpy bile from the brain mash. Give it a few moments. I had a similar experience in the kitchen."
I'm all right, my vision returned. "I'm glad to hear it. I hope the king's hearth-wife has a similar experience!"
Show: Thicker Than Water

"I have a drink and an appetizer, but I need a few more dishes before I'm ready to enter the competition."

What's next? "The main course requires more planning. For now, I need a dessert. The ingredients are closer this time. It'll be a walk through an ogre-infested park!"

Sounds good. Tell me what you need. "You'll want to look for echatere moss, preferably untouched by any echatere. It's the subtle glue which will hold the ogre heart and intestines together. There's... no actual glue. It's just an expression."
I had some questions about the ingredients. "Of course."
What can you tell me about echatere moss? "It thrives in freezing temperatures, which is why it's confused for a weed. It's actually quite healthy to eat, for echatere and people alike. Try to get to the stuff before the echateres do. The taste of their drool would not add to the dish."
What about the ogre heart and ogre intestines? "There's an ogre outcast who's said to eat nuts, berries, and vegetables―never meat. It's like the opposite of a Valenwood Bosmer. Think how tender his organs must be... mmm!"
Eating an ogre seems like cannibalism. "I know, I had the same idea. But I asked a priest of Malacath who assured me―ogre innards were commonly found in ancient Orc dishes. Does this mean the Daedric Prince of Vengeance favors pies? I forgot to ask the priest."
I don't know. It still seems like cannibalism. "That's what I thought―so I hunted down a cultist of Namira. After a series of beatings, he confirmed the Lady of Decay would strike him with five kinds of pox if he offered up a slice of ventricle pie. Two Daedric Princes agree―not cannibalism."
What if I find another Wrothgar ogre with healthy organs? Would those work? "Of course."

"Interesting taste, but nobody will eat a dish that smells like old greaves."

I have the ingredients you requested. "Perfect! Ventricle pie requires the freshest ingredients. Ogre hearts don't exactly keep unless you bake them quickly. I have one last slice from my previous attempt. You're welcome to it!"

Sure, why not? "Here you go, have a slice. Large bites, as the chiefs of old would do. So? How did it turn out?"
My tongue feels furry. Why does my tongue feel furry? "It must be a reaction to the ogre intestines. I assure you, I cleaned them thoroughly before... No, it's the echatere moss! I should have broiled before baking. Try running your tongue across your teeth―back and forth, as fast as you can."
You're right, it stopped. Thanks for the advice. "They say it's a real tusk-cleaner. It should round out the meal nicely."
Show: A Feast to Remember

"Thanks to your efforts, I have ingredients for everything but the main course. We've come this far. If it's no trouble, I'd like you to procure what I need."

What do you have in mind? "I need something to draw the attention of the cultural competition judges. Something... spectacular. That's why I want to cook stew inside a bear's head. You with me?"

I can do that. "The glacial tomato features in this dish, so bring me a bundle. Also some tundra truffles, and a decent amount of durzog lichen. As for the bear head, I want you to take it from Gnarl-fang's shoulders. Bastard ate my shipment of coffee beans."
I had some questions about the ingredients. "Of course."
What's special about a glacial tomato? "It's just a tomato. We call them "glacial" because the cold soil gives them a richer flavor. There's a small patch near Orsinium. The farmer and I are on good terms, so grab what you need."
What about tundra truffles and durzog lichen? "Tundra truffles are delicacies fit for a chief. Look near the old aqueduct, in areas without snow. Durzog lichen is spread around when durzog migrate―it's where they were, not where they are. The seeds catch in their paws, or something."
Wait. How is a tundra truffle different from a snow truffle? "Location, really. Also, snow truffles have a very distinct flavor. While delicious, they would overpower the dish. On its own, the tundra truffle is far more subtle, but it is perfect for bringing other tastes to the forefront."
And how about the bear head? "Say what you want about tradition... I think Orcs first turned a bear head into food because it looks amazing. All the rest is hot smoke up the flue. "The preferred meal of Baloth Bloodtusk himself." If you believe the Orsinium vendors―which you shouldn't."

"Frozen durzog liver pairs surprisingly well with mead."

I have the ingredients. And Gnarl-fang was already dead―perhaps it was the coffee? "Ha! Coffee shipped all the way from Velyn Harbor and he eats the whole bag off the cart? He'll make a fine smoked bear's head stew. One of his cousins just came off the fire, if you'd care for a sample."

Sure! I've eaten stranger stuff than a smoked bear's head. "Dig in! The lichen is key to the broth. You may notice the tomato base draws out the subtler taste of the truffles."
I think I just swallowed a bear's tooth. "It's better you swallowed the tooth whole than tried to chew it. Though... you may pay for it later. I was worried about the presentation―removing all the teeth makes the stew bowl look sickly."
If anyone else swallows a bear's tooth, they're going to look more sickly. "Very true! You know, you're the best assistant I've ever had? Far better than Hamelyn Serpe... though there's really no comparison."

"I don't know what king of feast Barazal plans, but I cannot wait to share classic Orc cuisine with the king!" (Greeting.)


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  •  PS4   When all the ingredients are collected and must be given to Orzorga in her kitchen during the last quest, she will be glitched through the ceiling of the building, with only the bottom of her feet visible.
    • Speaking to her will show the outside of the cell and she will have her intended dialogue, meaning this bug will not interfere with the quest's progression.
    •  PS4(Fix)   To fix this glitch, it is suggested to log out and back in again.