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Outlaw Refuges are a type of location that exist underneath a number of cities in The Elder Scrolls Online. They were added to the game as part of the Justice System added in Update 6 of the game.[1]

Each Outlaws Refuge will typically contain the following:

  • Fence – usually two of them in each refuge. They can be used to sell stolen goods to, or to launder and item so that it can be safely worn. There is a limit of 50 items per day on each of these actions however, "to avoid unwanted attention from the authorities." They can also remove the bounty on The Vestige.[1]
  • Moneylender – in function, works exactly the same as a Banker.
  • Merchant: Offers a selected range of products, such as health, magicka and stamina vials, as well as Lockpicks.
  • Other characters – which may or may not be interacted with.

Outlaws RefugesEdit



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