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Ovis Velas is a Dunmer mage found in the Great Bazaar district of Mournhold during the quest "The Summoner." He carries a key to his family's home, Velas Manor, in Godsreach where later his brother Gavis Velas can be found.


Ovis Velas is the brother of the much more talented Gavis Velas. He seeks to take the credit for his brother's acts, and thus meets his death upon attacking the Nerevarine in the Great Bazaar.


The SummonerEdit

Ovis Velas tries to bring terror over the city of Mournhold, as his brother does. He attacks the Nerevarine on the Great Bazaar, starting the quest.



Greeting "Greetings, fair citizens of Mournhold! I am the great, renowned, respected, and feared wizard, Ovis Velas! In the coming weeks you shall see more and more of me, as I bring this city to its knees. But for the moment, allow me to demonstrate my power on one of your hapless countrymen. You there! Yes, you, you ugly [PC Race]. Prepare yourself to feel my wrath!" (attacks)


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