"I don't know who you are, friend, but you've got about ten seconds to tell me what you're doing in my Bloodworks before I lop your arms off."

TES4 Owyn yougotabout10seconds

Owyn is the current blademaster of the Arena. He is a Redguard with a short temper and a stabbing wit. He is very jaded, often taunting the Hero by stating that he does not believe they will survive the next fight, for example: "You see to it that the people of Cyrodiil get some entertainment, and I'll see to it that you get a decent burial!".

However, as Owyn is presumably short-tempered and irreverent with all those he speaks to, this is probably not meant as a personal insult. As the Hero advances through the ranks of the Arena, Owyn becomes more and more friendly. He has asked the Battle Matron, Ysabel Andronicus, to marry him but she refused saying "I'm old, not desperate".

Interactions Edit

The Hero can talk to him to become a combatant in the Arena, and to receive rewards and advancement after fights. He also gives the Hero a brief history of the Arena, although an anonymous Blue Team Gladiator standing nearby can give a more complete history.

On the ground beside Owyn, the Hero can find a crumpled note written by Branwen claiming to be Owyn's daughter, and that he does not believe her.

Upon meeting Owyn for the first time, he expresses his strong disbelief at The Hero for asking to particpate in the Arena. Owyn laughs in an insulting way and asserts The Hero will not be able to survive for long. In fact, upon asking for rumors, he jabs an insult by calling the new participant an idiot and wonders if there is any truth to that.

However, as The Hero ascends in rank, Owyn completely changes his look and expresses his surprise several times, especially when The Hero has triumphed over 3 Argonian bandits. He finally gives his respect and offers more moral support.

When reaching the rank of Hero, Owyn no longer chastises The Hero and when asking for rumors again, he does admit he is curious on The Grey Prince's ambigious origins and later, his love life.