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Pacrooti is a Khajiit lumberjack, a woodworking crafting hireling, and the retailer for opening Crown Crates.

For hiring him as a woodworking hireling, he will send a letter every real-life day containing various woodworking supplies, as well as an update on his status.

For opening Crown Crates, he will appear at your location sitting on an unopened Crown Crate, and will deal four cards in front of you, all containing a reward you can reveal. He will also make comments during your interaction.


When opening Crown Crates, Pacrooti has the following dialogue:

Quote Condition
"Greetings my good friend." Crown Crate is selected and Pacrooti appears
"An excellent selection."
"This one welcomes you back!"
"Well met, and good fortune to you."
"Make a selection to reveal your rewards" Crown Crate is opened and cards appear
"Select your rewards, my friend."
"Are you ready to reveal your rewards?"
"This one wishes you great luck."
"Choose a reward."
"Your rewards are ready."
"Very nice." Comments during rewards selection
"Sparkly gems can be traded for rewards in the gem store."
"The sparkly gem store is a place where gems can be traded for rewards."
"Pacrooti admires your persistence." All rewards are selected
"Ah! Once more, my friend?"
"Time for a repeat performance?"
"This one invites you to try again."
"Shall we try again?"
"There are no crates for you. Purchase more if you wish to try again." Upon running out of crates
"May luck follow you!" Exiting the Crown Crates menu
"Until next time."
"Goodbye my friend!"

Letters from PacrootiEdit

Day OneEdit

This one is forwarding crafting materials to you. Pacrooti looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with his honored friend, especially since the crooked dealers at the gambling caravan tricked him out of his hard-earned gold. Pacrooti will keep trying until he wins it back. That will teach them.

Day TwoEdit

Here are you [sic] [Do not change this to your. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] woodworking materials. Pacrooti is sad to see so much forest chopped and burned for the war effort. He thinks we should save the trees. If only we had a big warehouse to stack them in.

Day ThreeEdit

This one listens as he travels, to the whisper of the trees as they sway in the wind. The rustle of their leaves tell secrets. Their bark sings of times long past. The squirrels make a home in their hollows. Squirrels rae delicious. Pacrooti has dinner on the mind -- he hopes these components will be of use.

Day FourEdit

Pacrooti sends you another deliver of fine materials. He looks at the wood, and he wonders what will become of it? Will it form the crib of a child? The desk of a great scholar? The roof that protects a loving family? He hopes so, because he got a great many splinters in his rump collecting it.

Day FiveEdit

This one is pleased to deliver more materials. he wishes to remind his friend that with just six pieces of wood, one can make a life, or make a coffin. Do coffins sell well?

Day SixEdit

Pacrooti is enjoying this work. He travels light, with very few possessions. He thinks perhaps this is one of the two paths to true happiness. One can accumulate more and more, or simply desire to have less. It also helps to have a short memory.

Day SevenEdit

Here are your materials. Everywhere he travels, Pacrooti sees Skooma addicts. This is a very sad thing for Pacrooti's people. For Khajiit of this kind, happiness is not enough. They demand euphoria. But all wind up smelling bad, with very few teeth.

Day EightEdit

Do all Bretons think they are hilarious with their joking? One of these had a ball of yarn which he rolled on the ground, thinking Pacrooti would chase it like a common housecat. Pacrooti did bat it around for a while, but only after he made the Breton eat it.

Day NineEdit

Dark moons and dark claws, this was a foul day. It has not stopped raining, and Pacrooti's fur is matted and tangled, and his claws are caked with mud. But he did manage to collect for his honored friend. Your soggy components are enclosed.

Day TenEdit

Here is your new shipment. Pacrooti is back in the city and has spent many hours combing the tangles out of his fur. Later, he played dice with a young Breton and won an entire set of armor. He thinks he will sell it, as it would be too expensive to have a tail hole added.

Day ElevenEdit

Pacrooti found a grove of fine oaks and thought to gather materials for you. He did not realize that this grove was watched over by the Tree-Sap people, also called Bosmer. They caught Pacrooti in a net and gave him many words about something called The Green Pact. He promised to follow their law.

Day TwelveEdit

Pacrooti cannot reason with these Bosmer. He found a tree that was brown with yellow leaves, and still they hoot and hollar when he tries to cut it down. Why do they call it "The Green Pact" if it pertains to trees of all colors? Elves are crazy. Or maybe just color-blind.

Day ThirteenEdit

Pacrooti left the lands of the Bosmer, and good riddance! It is impossible to conduct business among the crazy elves. He sets out today for the marshes of the south. He has heard there are even bigger trees there. Surely the locals will not mind Pacrooti harvesting the wood of these "Hist Trees"

Day FourteenEdit

Lizard men are foul mouthed and inhospitable. They would not let Pacrooti cut any Hist wood, but he did gather some sap to make a tea. Now all the lizard men have giant heads and they dance with talking grasshoppers. Pacrooti does not recommend making tea from Hist Sap.

Day FifteenEdit

Here is your shipment. Pacrooti will now take some time for himself. Perhaps he will go fishing. It makes Pacrooti somber to see others fishing with crude poles and strings with hooks. Why do humans not let their claws grow out?

Day SixteenEdit

The moons are dark, this day. Pacrooti had heard of the Dark Anchors of Molag Bal, but now he has seen one up close. It made his fur stand on end. Pacrooti thinks there is no shame in running away from such things. And he did need to mail your shipment, after all.


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