Pact Advocate is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Nature itself has turned against the Bosmer village of Karthdar and its citizens are desperate to restore peace.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Get the quest from either Alandis or Mollorn near Karthdar.
  2. Talk to Treethane Rolon.
  3. Talk to the villagers
  4. Head to the village to find evidence.
  5. Make your accusation.
  6. Lead the accused to the Judgement Chamber.


In the Bosmeri village of Karthdar, nature has gone rogue. Spriggans and senche tigers all over the place, and the whole village hidden in a near sacred cave.

Speaking to Treethane Rolon, also found in the cave, he informs that Y'ffre is revolted against his people for the Green Pact has been broken when the sacred blossom, Sanguine Alendil, was cut.

You take the part as the advocate of Y'ffre herself, and your duty is to investigate and accuse the responsible for this transgression of the Green Pact. Treethane Rolon explains that to accuse someone there must be three types of evidence: witness testimony, physical evidence, and a magical omen. Also, he goes further pointing three suspects: Aranak the Khajiit merchant, Spinner Eranas, and his wife Gathiel.

Following the Treethane's advice, speaking to the villagers will take many informations and witness to the case.

Gathering witnessEdit

Speaking to Sendranir, she will lift no doubts about the Spinner and the Khajiit, making sure the first is a very good citizen and the last has been in the village for years, also questioning if the Green Pact is extended to non-Bosmer. On the other hand, she is sure that Gathiel is guilty, for she has been always scheming and became cured of a sudden mysterious disease that got her for weeks in the very night the Pact was broken. She is willing to testify against Gathiel.

Speaking with Naeldil, she will also make point of the Spinner's innocence. While recognizes Gathiel's hard ego, she doesn't believe the Spinner's wife could commit that crime, and the village prayed for her during the weeks of disease. She accuses Aranak, for she has seen him sneaking into the woods in the very night the Pact was broken. She is willing to testify against Aranak.

Finally, speaking to Orchelos, he will testify the innocence of Aranak, mentioning that the Khajiit was the connection of Karthdar with the rest of the world. Also, he makes sure that Gathiel is completely innocent, even showing some feelings for her. But he despises the Spinner, and gives the precious information that Eranas is an alchemist, and surely uses herbs. He is willing to testify against Eranas.

Investigating the villageEdit

Spinner Family HouseEdit

Heading towards the Spinner Family House, you will find important evidence. A bowl is seen with cut flowers, making a possible physical evidence against Eranas.

Also, you can also find Gathiel's Diary, which she expressely mentions being extremely ill and her husband being weary. If he intends to cure her, he won't be successful by respecting the Green Pact. At the end of the diary, she wrote that Eranas has discovered that Sanguine Alendil may provide her a cure, and in the next entry, mentions that Eranas has found a way of getting the flower. Here is a physical evidence against Gathiel.

Treethane Rolon's HouseEdit

Inside the authority's house, it's possible to find an astrological scroll about her. Despite the direction of good health, it can be used as a magical omen against her.

The villageEdit

Finally, the village holds three more evidences. In the middle of the village, the magical omen against the Spinner, his Broken Sigil. Also, at the merchan booth, it's possible to find Aranak's Khajiiti Merchant's Invoice, having an order for Sanguine Alendil. Near his cart, a charred rock makes reference to a magical omen against Aranak.

The JudgementEdit

At this point, it's possible to join the pieces of the mystery. Gathiel was sick, and Eranas couldn't find a way to cure her. He became desperate, and she naturally wanted to live, and after the Spinner discovered that Sanguine Alendil could provide a cure, she anonymously made an order to Aranak, who secretly cut the flowers. Eranas, then, used the sacred blossom and cured Gathiel.

It's possible to conclude that all are guilty, but only one accusation can be made against only one of them. Before making the accusation, it's possible to question each of them.

If done, Aranak will mention that if he did cut the flower, he couldn't be included in the Green Pact. Also, the magical omen was bad luck of his chart position, and for trying to protect it he was in the woods that stormy night.

Spinner Eranas will mention that he found the flowers already cut, and as a Spinner his obligation is to teach and protect the Green Pact. Also, mentions the broken sigil was very unfortunate, but could be someone trying to accuse him.

Gathiel mentions that the reason for her cure was a simple prayer, and for this reason she had good health after that. She becomes very angry knowing that her diary was read, and says that it's natural to wish for a cure, and looked for something that would help, but the prayer saved her.

The Judgament ChamberEdit

Speaking to the Treethane, to accuse someone is needed to appoint a witness, the physical evidence and the magical omen. You must appoint the evidences related only to the accused. Whoever is this person, after the veredict, you must lead the person to the Judgement Chamber. There, a series of spirits of nature await, and down an enormous tree, the guilty is consumed by nature, and the case is closed.



Pact Advocate
I've been directed to speak with the Treethane of Karthdar to get details on what's happening. He and the rest of the town are holed up in a nearby cave
  • Objective: Talk to Treethane Rolon
I've been asked to speak with the treethane of Karthdar to get details on what's happening. He and the rest of the town are holed up in the cave behind Mollorn.
  • Objective: Talk to Treethane Rolon
Treethane Rolon has explained to me that somene [sic] [Do not change this to someone. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] has broken the Green Pact, and he needs me to figure out who. I have three possible suspects and will need to collect testimony, physical evidence, and some magical omen against any of them to make my case.*Objective: Collect Testimony and Evidence
  • Objective: Find Evidence Against Gathiel
  • Objective: Find Evidence Against Aranak
  • Objective: Find Evidence Against Spinner Eranas
  • Hidden objective: Acquire Testimony
  • Hidden objective: Acquire Evidence
  • Hidden objective: Check Spinner Family House for Evidence
  • Hidden objective: Check Treethane's House for Evidence
I have collected all the testimony and evidence I need to accuse any of the suspected pact breakers. I need to decide who I feel is responsible and present my case before Treethane Rolon.
  • Objective: Talk to Treethane Rolon
I have accused the Spinner's wife, Gathiel, of breaking the Green Pact. I now need to prove it.
  • Objective: Prove Gathiel's Guilt
I should wait for Treethane Rolon to consider the evidence I presented.
  • Objective: Listen to the Verdict
My evidence spoke for itself and Treethane Rolon was convinced of Gathiel's guilt. I must now bring her to the judgment chamber. I should speak with her about her fate.
  • Objective: Talk to Gathiel
My evidence spoke for itself and Treethane Rolon was convinced of Gathiel's guilt. I must now bring her to the judgment chamber.
  • Objective: Escort Gathiel to the Judgment Chamber
I have brought the guilty to the judgment chamber, and shall now watch her fate.
  • Objective: Witness Judgment
Gathiel has met her fate. I should return to Treethane Rolon and let him know the deed is done.