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Though it is difficult to entice any wood elf to speak definitively about the race’s relationship with Valenwood under the Green Pact, it is clear that there are magical components. I have witnessed a few public examples of the Bosmer shaping the wood around them, coaxing it into habitations, temples, and even what I suppose constitutes art. Each instance has been highly ritualized, including days of slow, rhythmic chanting. I have heard it mentioned that fasting may be involved prior to and during such an endeavor.

The magic itself, the interaction of the Bosmer with the plants, is difficult to pin down and analyze, especially because I have not been allowed to approach and properly examine the processes. I shall have to return with authorizations and permits. It is clear the Bosmer gain great benefits from this magic, but one wonders if it can be harnessed further and for better ends than just housing and fanciful tree-twisting.


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